Most popular Nigerian Instagram comedy handles you must follow in 2016

nicki and meek mill
"Everyone can laugh but not any one can make you laugh"
There are Nigerians that have , trust me, increased life expectancy of the populace by their humor, funny wit and brand of comedy. They are hilarious and  outrageous, they will make you laugh, cry, swear  and if you are not careful will leave you rolling on the floor.

Why you need to follow these guys:
  • Everyone has or has had  a bad day , that's why the funny pictures garner many likes because almost everyone can relate to being depressed,not perfect always, and how  everyday is not a lucky day.
  • In every 24 hours, there are  some minutes of craziness or madness  being displayed.
  • Nigerians are creative people, appreciate creativity. It is not an easy task to make people laugh even when the circumstances are not funny. The hours that go into comedy production even if its for 15s of Instagram video are endless, correcting mistakes, trimming out video, fine tuning , editing and coming out with an hilarious video of less than a minute is no child's play.
  • In funny pictures, videos or memes, there is a measure of sense, go learn words of wisdom.
  • Friends, colleagues, co-workers , family members can breathe easier and less stressed if you are easier to get along with. If I am any of them, I will rather pile you with loads of funny videos before I make my request or presentation.
  • Never end your day without a laugh , it lightens the burden you seem to carry.
  • Support the entertainment industry, network with brand influencers, surely your circle of networth will also improve.
  • They rock! That's why, so go hook up with their accounts now.  Tag your friends that generate similar reactions in the posts.
The following handles are the most popular right now, maybe the funniest too, the stats don't lie. A sequel to this post will be done soon to feature more funny Instagram accounts.
  1. The real femi (Curated by Femi Owolabi)
Femi Owolabiimage
2. Wowoboyz (Curated by Drewsky , African Teddy Bear and Ofili)
3. Oluwakaponeski  popularly known as Mama Tobi (Curated by Tobi)
Mama Tobi
4EmmaOhMaGod (Curated by Emmanuel Edunjobi)
Watch Emma's Aye remix (Davido's )
5. Woli Arole (Curated by Toyin Abimbola)
woli arole
6. Aphricanape06 (Curated by Dami Olatunde)
Dami Olatunde
Watch his comic video
7. Tolu Ogunmefun aka Don't jealous me 
You have just got to love his mimcry of accents, my favorite is his nasal thang in "Black Friday", now I understand how some Nigerians can be more "English than the British", forgive my play of words.Tolu  is an early Youtuber, even in the days when people thought Youtube was just for musci videos only,  don't know why he didnt introduce it to us then. lol
Don't jealous me
chief obi
9. Wofaifada (Curated by Wofai Ewa)
And the queen has shown with her brand of comedy, she is going no where.
10.  Craze Clown aka Dr Craze aka Baba Ade Curated by Emmanuel Ogonna Iwueke)
And this is the Eja Nla himself of Instagram comedy, Dr craze is ironically a soon to be medical doctor, wonders how he finds time for such amazing comedy performances. With his concise delivery, amazing  performances and excellent finishes, he has won hearts of thousands around the world, his followers are like citizens of a major city, he keeps you wanting for more and one can hardly wait for his next video to be out as they are full of fun, humour and rib cracking experience. Coincidentally, he is followed by popular celebrities, football stars and a brand ambassador. When you see Baba Ade, then you must also see Ade, (Tega)
Craze Clown
Watch some of his funniest skits
And if you still don't follow these accounts, then your Instahumour moments are not complete.
Does any one know why the instagram comedians based outside Nigeria seem to have more followers? Afterall their target audience are mostly Nigerians. Just asking!