Advice for women in trouble marriages or have cheatig husbands- Caroline Danjumaca

caroline danjuma caroline danjuma
Here is a good advice from Caroline Danjuma (married to business man Musa Danjuma) for women  who have been experiencing pain, husrt as a result of their partner's infidelity,no matter the reasons why you married, either love,wealth or circumstances . Either you made your bed or it was made for you, how you lie in it is now up to you.

Situations become uncontrollable,  when you don't take charge and make the most out of them.

caroline danjuma  divorcecaroline danjuma  divorce

purpose driven woman
purpose driven woman


RosieLart said…
my advice is simple!start dating other men!or women, just do what you want!and start doing it right now and here!