April Give away: Learn bagmaking for free

leather bag
It is another new month, so glad how far we have come and made it. While some are happy about the progress they have made so far, others are struggling, some are still confused. The income is not just enough. let me give you one advice, create multiple streams of income, the economy is not conducive to having just one anymore, so what do you do, learn a skill/trade, offer to sell your knowledge, help others market their products and earn commissions. Make an impact.
From April 9th, I will be teaching skills (beauty and handcrafts) at our office in Ikeja or online (for those who live at a far distance) . it is my birth month, so am feeling generous,For a lucky few, just five individuals, these skills will be taught for free. Either send an email to typearls@gmail.com or whatsapp 2348038454123 for more details. No time to learn but can sell, sign in for commission based referral programs. Recommend or Sell any of our products and earn huge bonuses. 

Watch a sample video of African inspired bags.

Once again! Happy new month!