Domestic Violence Or Adultery? Which Is A Better Reason For Divorce

Adultery is The Act of a spouse cheating on his or partner by having sexual relations outside marriage
Domestic Violence is The Act of physical violence  leaving to extreme injuries and sometimes death of a spouse.
Divorce is a legal separation of a  couple.  Each partner is free and lawfully granted leave to continue his/her life separately, Independent of each other. Except spousal payment, child support is involved.
In many religious beliefs, especially christianity, it is said that divorce can be considered and carried out if only there is physical evidence of Adultery.
My take is that Adultery can be forgiven and The couple more on with their lives. But what of domestic Violence when The woman or the man's life is in danger.  Most times women are the victims.  Should she stay, continue to forgive, or pick her bags and leave for safety, Then initiate divorce proceedings?


Olori Wendy said…
Personally I can't stand none. Hard to answer.
Marica Nadarish said…
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