He says! She says! - 5 lessons from Wizkid and Linda Ikeji social media fight

The social media war between Linda Ikeji, a popular blogger and Wizkid, a successful musician reached an all time high on Sunday 3rd April when both of them aimed at each other's jugular.From Instagram, blogger, snapchat,  Insults and unprintable words were  involved ,to be fair, Linda was conservative in her response. . Wizkid has been feeling uncomfortable with Linda's portrayal of him in the online media, from the baby mama story, failure to show up at a music performance, the straw that broke the camel's back was the mention of hire purchase and non payment of accommodation rent. The war can easily be voted as the most popular entertainment in recent months. But honestly in between the back and forths, there are few lessons that can be  pointed out.
wizkid and linda ikeji

1.  "My director fucked u and left ur stinking ass in the hotel Cos ur pussy stinks":
- Guys talk of escapades, so don ever the cliche" I will never tell". Never put yourself in a position you will be ashamed of later.
- Enemies , even former best friends, spouse can  say anything to  get back at you whether it is the truth or not, as long as they feel that exposing your secrets or aiming at your  weakness point will hurt.
- A gentle man never refers to a woman's privates and vice versa , whoever does that, does not have respect for the opposite sex, never get involved with them.It shows their level of thinking and extent of vocabulary.

2. "If I ever see u, I’ll get my 16 year old cousin to beat the shit out of you": 
This is an endorsement of violence against women, when human rights agency are advocating women rights and trying to prevent issues of domestic violence and women's violence, it is disturbing a celebrity can publicly make the above statement.

wizkid and linda ikeji
3. Ur mom and ur entire family are still losers:
-African values are fast eroding, no respect for culture or elders, it is only in this jet age that one can think of abusing elders,parents and older ones and even have an effrontery of putting it on social media.
wizkid response to linda ikeji
You don't go into a mud fight with a pig and still want to stay clean. Or trade words with a younger one, you will have yourself to blame.

4. " All those shoes and bags still won’t help u keep a good man.U and ur laptop will stay married for life":
-Contrary to what independent women think and made to believe, the society still defines a successful woman as one who is happily married and have by her side or at least at her back.
-Most women do not want to remain single, but not having a man can be a matter of choice or not finding the right man yet, it should not be held against the woman as a crime. Human feelings should be considered when saying words because once said, they cant be retrieved. 
-Material things don't make a man, no matter the number of  physical possessions, human relationships are far better.  
Wizkid takes the fight to snapchat. The cuss words are too much
Wizkid takes the fight to snapchat. The cuss words are too much
5." Oh and by the way, did I mention that his Porsche car is also on hire purchase? Oh shit, I just mentioned that! Lol. And no, darling, you're not 25! We know your real age!": 

When one makes money telling truths, half truths and untruths about people and exposing things others consider sensitive and private, when those same people come for you, one should expect the same dose of truths, half truths and lies.

Finally, Blogging does not have to be gossip and gossip all the time, true it brings more traffic but blogging can also be about celebrating one another especially Africans who are doing the continent proud,praising achievements of Nigerians and not giving unnecessary publicity to who bought this, sold that, who is a baby mama, a wife or a side chick. The society is a competitive world already without adding undue pressure . Why many celebrities live fake lives is because they feel the need to live up to society's expectations especially on social media. As a celebrity, you need to get involve in more good deeds, giving to charities, donating to the sick, creating wealth around you, contributing to projects that will improve the environment you live in, that way more good news will be written about you, instead of the money flaunting, boobs licking, girls twerking and swear words we are made to listen to and watch everyday, that is one sure way of tagging you with anything scandalous and bad.

Linda Ikeji's response to wizkid on her blog
Lind Ikeji's response to wizkid on her blog

Coming for one another on social media is childish, unnecessary and sucks!. The beauty of social media is one can take on a total stranger who he/ she has never met, related with, talked to or had a previous dealing, all it takes is few hand clicks. Voila! And the battle line has been drawn. 
A reader's view about the whole beef