How to deal with Vagina Itching

Every female must have experienced a form of vaginal itching in her life time, though it is normal and usually goes away, some itchings become serious and make life uncomfortable for the woman afflicted. Most women long for a clean, fresh, ever smelling nice, itch-free vagina, apart from the fact it makes for good sexual intercourse, it is one less stressful discomfort to worry about.
vagina itch

Vaginal itching can be caused by  one or a mix of the following.
  • Normal bacteria: These are bacteria usually present in the vagina
  • Yeast infection: Candidasis ,
  • Chemical  Irritants: 
  • Poor hygiene: Wearing dirty or tight  pants,wearing pants for long periods or more than 24 hours,  using public or unclean toilets.
  • Over douching or over washing
  • Allergy
  • Reaction to shaves
  • STDs /STIs(Sexually transmitted diseases/infections )- Staphylococcus, gonorrhea, trichomonas
  • Menopause
  • Medical conditions- Diabetes, sclerosis

What to do to reduce/cure vaginal itching:
  1. Reduce the urge to scratch the itch as much as possible
  2. Use antibiotics- Gentamycin, Ciprotab,Ampliclox, Tetracyclin. In mild cases, apply a clotrimazole cream , insert the cream or tablets as deep as you can into the vagina. 
  3. Go for lab tests to determine or rule out causes.
  4. Avoid sexual intercourse till your partner gets tested too and finish using the prescribed dosage of medicine to be taken in case of stds.
  5. Avoid over washing, use warm water to clean the Vagina thoroughly, no need for soap, the V-are produces its own cleansing juice that is enough to keep it clean. But to make it smell nice and fresh, you can either buy over the counter vagina cleansers (summer eve) or use traditional means of lemon or garlic.Either use lemon juice mixed with water to rinse the vagina, the acidic content of the lemon limits the growth of the bacteria or cut garlic and leave it in the vagina overnight, rinse thoroughly the next morning. The vagina will be refreshed and cleared of stubborn bacteria. Do the cleansing routine especially after a menstrual period when the vagina is prone to smell.
  6. For itching caused by shaving, apply a mild shaving cream before using razor or a hair removal cream like Veet, but be careful neither of the cream must enter int he vagina, just apply on the hair around the vagina area. 
  7. If the itching starts immediately after the use of any of the following, condoms, tissue paper, tampons, soaps or fabric. Stop the  immediate use .
  8. Always wipe from front to back after a bowel movement.
  9. In case of excessive dryness, use vagina moisturizers or good old vaseline.
  10. In extreme cases, Consult a medical practitioner.