Anger management : How to tame your temper sucessfully

angry management
The first time Moses got angry, he killed somebody. The second time he was angry, he broke the original 10 commandments that God carved out and wrote out with his fingers, burnt the golden calf, sprayed the ashes on water and forced the Israelites to drink it. The third time he got angry, he struck the rock twice instead of speaking to it, and in the process terminated his ministry. He was so close to the blessing yet he could never be farther!. Anger can make you see your blessings so close yet it will refuse to get into your hands.
Some like Moses are hardly angry, keep quiet most of the times until the day they will explode. If you do not deal with , you would be sorry for yourself. Vent your anger against the spirit of anger. Do not let your anger go beyond midnight against one another. destroy anger today before it destroys your destiny.
Causes,consequences and possible solutions. 
Do you know some anger have medical/spiritual/family background. 
Here are several women's reactions to anger management.
Mrs A: There's a medical dimension to Anger's been research proven that there's a connect between anger not properly dealt with and most ailments
Now personally for me I've had my unfair share with anger bouts and have landed in depression and angina - heart complications
No thanks to disappointments, betrayals and unmanaged 'high' expectations from close friends, family and acquaintances
Mrs B :
God advocated that one should not allow anger to linger. However, I've discovered that I'm more mature now and I have a hang over anger now because I tend to 'forgive' hurts now and make excuses for people
Personally, I handle mine by either discussing it or bursting out, depending on who's at the other end. However, I also try to hide my feelings.
Mrs C‬:
Likewise for me my anchor at dealing with anger was the thought of 'eternity' and anger spelt backwards meaning 'danger' is just around the corner...then having to live with the regrets of hurtful words hurled at your spouse or friends or whoever when angry.
Then one very salient point that is always very helpful is the part of 'managing our expectations' of people always. We usually get overly angered because we expect way to much from people ...not a bad thing to expect so much from people really but always bear in mind that people may not meet up to those lofty expectations for whatever reasons ...this has helped me greatly in handling lapses from my tailors, drivers, vendors, siblings, sons, spouse, friends etc. For me it's my closer peeps that I can easily get angry at.
Mrs D:
However, for people that have identified high and deadly incidents of anger outbursts...please don't live on denial...accept and take responsibility by seeking help at the feet of the Cross first and thereafter seek out professional help with a psychologist, Counselor and Psychiatrist.
Untamed anger can be disastrous. Most people on death row had severe anger issues.
Dr. Ben Carson in his book 'Gifted Hands' also shared his anger issues.
" Suffice to say that anger inherently isn't bad because we are all expected to be angry at injustice, bad leadership, unfair treatments, abuse, rape of both individuals and the economy e.t.c that's why we have pressure groups advocating for change and a better society but now anger becomes negative when the feeling or emotion is not properly channelled and when we 'lose' control. In other words, anger now has a grip over us instead of we exercising a grip over anger."
Mrs D:  I had problem managing my anger before esp where whenever i perceive injustice. But I have discovered that because of my outburst, instead of being right, I end up being at fault.
So with the help of the holy spirit, I have learnt to " walk away " when annoyed. Joel Osteen in one of his msg said, you don't have to give everyone the piece of your mind all the time. Keep some till the situation improves. I have tried it and it works for me like magic. I choose to ignore(it's always had sha because I like to say my mind) I calm down say my mind ...whisper to myself GOD help me  or speak later
Mrs E: Anger management......thank God for maturity and the Holy Spirit. Marriage has been my training ground. Before now, as a blunt person, I must say everything on my mind, in fact, the other person has to feel the way I feel in my words! I have realised this doesn't work and I have learnt to be silent sometimes. I just ensure whatever issue is resolved same day! At work, it used to be worse as I realized people deliberately look for my trouble knowing I will react. I have been taught patience, humility and longsuffering and this has worked. Anytime I want to respond, I just speak in tongues!
Billy Graham:
Tame Your Temper
So You have a temper! There is nothing unique about that. Most people have tempers, in varying degrees, of course. God does not ask that you get rid of that temper. But He does say that if you are to be happy, it must be brought under control and rechanneled to proper use. God cannot use a man without a temper as well as one with a controlled temper. Too many professed Christians never get “wrought up” about anything; they never get indignant with injustice, with corruption in high places, or with the godless traffics which barter away the souls and bodies of men.
Daily Prayer
Use my anger to help others, Lord. When I see them hurting or Your world decaying, let me be challenged to reach out—instead of merely exploding.
angry management
angry management
Christina Adegbaju