Love story: My wedding night (Episodes 6-10)

Love story: My wedding night (Episodes 6-10)
“seriously i don’t think things that
happened when we were
dating has anything to do with his
death, believe me” i said slowly. The officer
simply folded his
hands and breathed

“nothing is hidden under the sun for
long. Sooner or later i
still will find out, so i believe it’s in your best
interest to tell
me all i need to know” he pushed with
a smile.
I battled with myself one more time
before making up my
mind to open up. “Damian was stealing from the
company. He was doing it
with a colleague in the records
department. I found out
about the whole deal three weeks into
our relationship but couldn’t do anything apart
confront him. He ended up
convincing me to keep quiet, equally
promising to marry
and take me to his home country. His
plan was to get me established over there.
I was a woman in love with a whole
lot to gain. Of course i
kept quiet and helped him steal more.
He kept his word and
married me, only to die before fulfilling the last
part of his
promise. Now what has that got with
his death??” i poured
out with tears.
“and the colleague in question, do you
think he has a hand in his death?” he asked
“of course not, they had separate
accounts and divided
proceeds evenly. No he is much more
valuable alive than
dead to the man” i answered seriously.
“well in a murder case we don’t rule
out any possibility until
the crime is solved. I admire your
honesty. You bravely
confessed being an accomplice to another crime. I
appreciate and will keep my promise
by watching your
back. It should interest you to know
that your husband
might have been murdered in his garden, we saw
drops of blood down there, which
now gives us two crime
scenes” he said while i gasped with
“yea Damian loved smoking and probably went to
garden to heat off while i slept, but
how the hell did he get
back to the bed, if he was killed in
there?” i asked with
disbelief. “it’s time to go to your cell my dear. I’ll
permit you to keep
your phone. Just pray something new
never comes out to
incriminate you further, as for now the
latest discovery works on your side” he added
with a
cold smile, got up and
led me to a quiet cell where I had the
most tiring night
I kept seeing my dead husband all through that
night. Oh it
was one nasty experience.
Dear friends, I spent the second night
after my wedding in a
police cell. What can be more horrible
than such fate??
Episode 7
“You have to hold on tight
dear, we are getting you
out in no time. The
detective promised to give
you special treatment. So
just hold on for a little
longer” my brother begged
before leaving with my
However my day never had
a dull moment because
soon after they left, two of
my colleagues came to see
me as if they cared. I
already knew they simply
came to confirm things
with their eyes, but that’s
one of the things in life we
have no control over.
No matter what we do, we
must have haters, we must
have people who pretend
to care and we also must
have people whose only
motive is to bring you
Later in the afternoon, my
friend Nancy also came to
see me. It really was painful
receiving such visits in a
police cell.
Yea you guys should just
for a moment reflect how it
feels to be receiving your
friends and colleagues, days
after your wedding in a
police cell. Horrible isn’t it??.
Nancy shed real tears on
seeing me, her face
coloured deeply. The shock
in her very apparent.
“I heard Rumours, I never
believed till this very
moment” she said quietly. I
swallowed hard and
Nancy was my old time pal.
We attended the same
university, stayed in the
same hostel and did our
Nysc the same time, though
in different states. Her
parents were a bit wealthy
and lived in the capital city.
She returned to live with
them after Nysc while i
came over to live with my
brother. However i was
fortunate to get a good job
while she managed a little
teaching job in her
neighbourhood. We still
remained very close even
after we disagreed over
Damian. She was of the
opinion that i was being
overly ambitious, insisting
that i was throwing away
my life for money. I guess
she was right?, but she
merely objected to my
relationship with Damian
simply because i dropped
my young boyfriend whom
she much preferred, in
order to move on with
Yea Justice was the boy’s
name, we were age mates
and equally served {NYSC}
the same time. He was a
good kid but c’mon i
couldn’t waste my future
by waiting for him. He was
even yet to get a job till the
very moment i landed in
the police cell.
Justice had a lot to do
before thinking of settling
down and i couldn’t take
the risk of waiting for him.
At least i was good enough
to keep him till we rounded
up with Nysc unlike some
of my course mates who
dumped their boyfriends to
get married in final year.
“Damian brought only
trouble just like i feared. My
God this is a terrible
Nightmare” Nancy sobbed. I
simply stared at her, not
knowing what to say. But
just that exact second,
detective Jeremiah showed
up with a dark smile.
“you may not like the news
i bear” he announced and
came forward while i
almost fainted with fear…. I
couldn’t bear taking another bad news.
Episode 8
“officer i’m all ears, tell me the news
you bear " I asked with fear. The
detective threw a swift look at Nancy
who shifted uneasily.
“well i don’t think now it’s a good time.
It’s something private” he replied,
forcing me to smile quickly.
“Nancy is like a sister to me. She
knows almost everything about me.
You can say anything in her presence”
i urged him nervously.
“Esther Hardey” he instantly called out,
searching my face for any reaction.
But the name he mentioned only drew
me into another pit of confusion. The
name sounded so strange and
“i don’t understand, i haven’t heard
such name anywhere” i breathed with
“that’s the name of your husband’s
fiancee. A white lady he was supposed
to Marry. The lady he left to marry you
in order to fulfill the promise he made
to you” he explained. A cold shiver
instantly ran down my spine.
“so are you insinuating that Damian
married me just to fulfill a promise?” i
asked sadly,
“well I never knew he was engaged to
any woman, seriously i thought all the
ladies he played were just flings” I
“that’s not the problem” he continued,
breathing deeply.
“the lady in question is currently in
Nigeria and was among the people that
came into the country with your
husband’s family and equally was
present at the house when the crime
was committed” he explained, while i
stared at him with a little hope.
“that isn’t bad news, is it?. The lady
definitely killed him. She had the
motive and opportunity. Unbelievable” i
poured out desperately but the
detective simply shrugged.
“yes she has the motive and
opportunity, but we can’t just arrest
her without strong evidence. All i can do
is to invite her for a little questioning
and equally pray she doesn’t lawyer
up” he answered, breaking my worn
out spirit.
“however we are still matching the
DNA sample we got from the scene and
your husband’s body. I believe
something positive will come out of it,
but my only problem is that my
superiors are putting much weight and
interest in this case. They are pushing
for closure and speedy trial which
really will put you up as the scapegoat,
if you are to be dragged to court
without me finishing my investigations.
You really need to pray my dear. You
know how bad our Judicial system can
be, moreover the Americans wants you
to hang” he concluded, while my heart
I instantly fell, collapsing on the floor
within seconds…..
Episode 9
I soon regained myself to see two
female police officers and Nancy by
my side. Detective Jeremiah stood a
distance away, watching me with great
“hope you have eaten today?” one of
the female officers asked me.
“yea” i nodded, breathing heavily.
“you have to get a grip of yourself if
you ever want to win this case. You
got to be strong. Esther Hardey will be
here in few minutes for questioning”
the Detective said to me.
“please i want to be present when
she’s being questioned. I want to see
her face” i begged weakly.
“no i can’t do that, i have already
broken a lot of protocols for you” he
answered quickly.
“I beg of you. Remember we are
talking about my husband’s murder.
Help a widow” i pushed passionately.
He breathed deeply and shrugged.
“i hope i don’t get fired for all i’m doing
for you. Well you have to freshen up
first, secondly you must promise not to
say a word to the lady when you meet
her” he said seriously.
“oh yes, i promise not to say a word” i
answered, while he smiled and left.
“the detective is a wonderful man. He
will help you out” the second female
cop said to me, nodding with a smile.
After freshening up in one of the
bathrooms, i was led to the detective’s
office, where i sat and waited for the
so called Esther Hardey to show up.
She showed up precisely ten minutes
later with the same annoying white
lawyer who threatened my brother.
They all stared at me with surprise as
they walked into the detective’s office.
“what is this murderer doing here?” the
lawyer asked with anger. Detective
Jeremiah smiled and shook his head.
“As a lawyer, you should know that no
suspect is guilty until a court of law
gives verdict. She’s a suspect just like
the lady that brought you along” he
answered the Lawyer who bit his lips
“i’m taking none of this s--t any longer.
If you can’t do your job, better resign.
My clients are tired of being detained
in this country for no justifiable reason.
They all want to go home and i give
you two days to make it happen, else
the fury of the American government
will be on the whole Nigerian police
force. You can’t just keep everyone
hostage” he threatened.
“oh i see you are representing all the
Americans involved in this case, but i
feel that will change soon” the
detective added quietly.
“what if i tell you, i have enough
evidence to throw one of your clients
in the cell right now?” he pushed on.
“Esther Hardey, she was at the house
when the crime was committed. She
was Damian’s fiancee, am i wrong?”
he asked the lawyer who kept quiet.
“Esther had the motive and mindset to
commit such murder and according to
test results we have so far, she was
physically present in one of the crime
scenes which invariably places her in a
bad position. I pin the murder charge
on her. Phewwww case closed. I get
promoted” The detective concluded
with a smile, while the lawyer instantly
grew tense and stared at Esther with a
coloured face.
Of course the detective had nothing
strong to pin down the lady, but as a
good officer he pulled a fast one on the
white lawyer who for the first time
looked beaten. It was time to prove
how good a lawyer he was….
I prayed silently. I prayed for the
detective’s stunt to work.
“your client should use this opportunity
to come out clean or Damian’s mother
won’t like what i plan telling her” the
detective pushed on, while Esther
coloured up. It was obvious she was
hiding something
“oh Lord, make her to confess” i
Episode 10
Esther tried opening her mouth to say
something, but the lawyer quickly held
her hand, stopping her.
“don’t say anything. The officer is
bluffing. He’s trying to make you say
something that could incriminate you”
he said to her before facing detective
“if you really have the evidence to
arrest my client, then go ahead, arrest
her. But if you don’t, then shut the f--k
up and do your goddamn work. Mind
you, time is running out and you have
only two days. The next time you will
see me will be in court” he threatened,
shocking the detective with his words.
Of course not only the detective was
shocked, I equally was very shocked
because Esther was probably seconds
away from confessing or making an
unguided comment before the lawyer
recovered himself and stopped her.
“two days officer. You have just two
days, else i will tear you apart in court”
the lawyer threatened and dragged
Esther out of the office.
“we were just close to making a
breakthrough d--n” the detective hissed
with despair after they left.
“so what next?” i asked with fear. He
breathed deeply, opened the case file
on his table, went through it and shook
his head.
“things are slowly adding up in your
favour but we don’t have time on our
side. We surely need a miracle” he
replied, looked up at me and smiled to
make me feel relaxed but i surely
“remember we talked about the
possibility of your husband going out
to the garden the night he was killed to
either smoke or see someone?” he said
while i nodded.
“according to the report in this file,
there wasn’t any cigarette stick, ashes
nor even anything similar found at the
garden which then leaves us with one
theory. He went out there to see
someone, probably Esther, before a
stronger person grabbed him from
behind and stabbed him” he concluded.
“how then do we find the mystery man
that struck the fatal blow which killed
my husband?” i asked desperately. The
detective shrugged.
“that’s what i’m saying, we need more
time, as it stands, Esther alone
probably holds all the answers but we
can’t touch her” he replied with
resignation. Tears instantly dropped
from my eyes.
The police had every reason to detain
Esther but couldn’t because she was a
foreigner. Instead i was the person
being detained without due process.
How bad can things get??
Christina TyPearls