Mc Oluomo's braless birthday party : A wakeup call to return to African culture

Mc Oluomo's braless birthday party
Mc oluomo birthday bash at the place,Ikeja. Ladies were requested to attend braless
It's a failure of the society. Not just the women. Men induce them with money, favours and promises to participate in these topless parties.
We all have a share in the failure of this society.
Let's return to be Africans(Nigerians) where breasts are a part of your shoulders so you can't even flaunt your shoulders not to talk of your chest.
Where the private part starts from the laps, so you can't even reveal your laps.
Where smiles are the openings to your heart, hence no unnecessary interaction with the opposite gender.
Where women cover their heads as all our culture support head covering.
Where only your husband should hear the jingling of your waist and it's beads.
Where women use even 2 wrappers at a time in all our cultures not where private part shapes are even potrayed...
I can go on and on.
AlI in d quest to become a white man; fake hairs sacrificed to gods in Asia; wearing nails of plastic which makes your fingers useless at working well; bleached skins and make ups like non but who?
Who was d first woman recorded to paint her face? Jezebel... and who was she?
We have made women and they have agreed/allowed themselves to become sex toys, objects of irrational use...
Advertise water, sand, fan or a book, they use women appealing to sexual behaviours.
Women bill? Equal rights bill? What a shame...
The focus is lost cos in our heart's we have our own bill.
The bill we need is to make our values come back to life. That's the greatest empowerment we can give our women.
Additional input: Tella Rahmon