My favorite Nigerian lifestyle blogs in 2016

The Nigerian blogosphere is really huge, unfortunately has few lifestyle blogs, when you type in Google search for "Nigerian lifestyle", you see fashion and beauty blogs popping up, but lifestyle is more than just beauty, it is a way of life, it deals with the Nigeria society, human interactions, opinions, interests, places to visits, relationships, recipes, personalities, personal stories, it is all encompassing, it is what makes us Nigerians.
But the ones listed below are the real deal,as a lifestyle blogger myself, I should know, reading their articles, they make us smile, laugh, shed few tears because you can surely relate with the stories , learn from them and gain new insights .

1. Michelleniniblog: Created by Michelle Nini , this blog has all the updates on news, gist, fashion, entertainment , events and general lifestyle.

2. Verastic: Created by Vera Ezimora, For a Nigerian blogger based in the united states and still blogging ten years after, no be beans to stay and hold on that long , Vera surely sets the pace, her tone, satire and personal stories leaves one longing for more. She says she will be re branding her site to evolve to bigger things soon , cant just wait.

3. Lagos convo: This is the site to visit for daily dosage of lagos lifestyle, it is a curated content written by different writers.

4. Lape Soetan:  Created by Lape Soetan, I discovered this blog almost by accident, it was during a search for a travel guide, apart from providing travel advice, lifestyle tips, Lape also help single women find love. She has written helpful ebooks and assists small businesses build a social media following.
One of Lape soetan's books
One of Lape soetan's books

5. Berry Dakara : Created by one of my favorite Nigeria lifestyle bloggers Berry Dakara, See how she describes herself "Daughter. Sister. Friend. Newlywed. Best Aunt Ever. Blogger. Natural-haired. God-seeker. Picky foodie", she writes on everyting from bible study inspirations, happening events, natural hair tips and general tips, you also wont want to miss her relationship posts with her loving spouse, whom she fondly refers to as "cakes".  Read her previous interview on this blog here

6. Uberstyle:Created by former tv personality, Efemena Tommy, Uberstyle is about men's fashion and lifestyle.

7. Eurekanaija: A site by Osemhen, big afro  lady,  of personal life musings, books, stories and a Lagos girl lifestyle.