My kind of man: 15 men's attributes that turns a woman on

1. A man who is more than a friend: Whenever you feel like sharing the best news, the saddest sorrows, the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the good, bad and ugly and can find that special man who you are not afraid to share it with, without fear or regret, then you are among the lucky few, you have a special friend . Spouses, partners, kin does not translate to being friends, friendship is deeper, you can sense what the other person is thinking, have a premonition of her actions and can break a leg for her. This is the type of man every woman strives hard to get, the ultimate friend
 A man who is more than a friend

2. A man that does the unusual: He is confident of himself, not hampered what society's view of male roles or conform to the accepted norm of how a man should act with a woman. He is a fighter, protector and above all, he is not afraid to tread where others stand back. He sings with his frog voice, dances with his two left legs, not afraid to be labelled for his woman's sake and keeps on surprising me. 

3.  A man who  Listens: Women are born natural talkers, we seldom keep quiet when it comes to expressing feelings, reacting to situations or making our voices to be heard. A man who cares to listen to what exactly the lady wants him to hear and not necessarily what she is saying definitely has my respect anytime ,anyday. A man who is willing to teach and be taught is a turn on. Deep connection can only develop when a man is attentive, ready to share his inner feelings and willing to keep the lines of communication open .
A man who  Listens

4.  A man that is playful: Not the kind he plays with other men, not rough play,but the gentle kind. Many emotional bonds have been strengthened over a game of Ludo, Chess,Sudoku, cross world puzzles, Xbox, Play station, hide and seek,tete a tete, catch me if you can, the playful relaxing moments encourages individuals to continually seek out each other . In every man, there is a a child lurking, it is not bad if the child can be allowed to play once in a while.

 5. A man who knows the difference between sex and making love: Sex is a physical act, a coupling of two individuals, it can be as a result of various factors, chemistry, frustration, lust, lack of self control, but making love is sensual, it is an emotional attachment, it does not necessarily involve an intercourse. Everyone should know romantic sex is 90 percent seduction and 10 percent execution,  a man should put more effort in the seduction, wines, candlelit dinners, slow undressing, touching, caressing,opening car doors,  is part of the seduction process, it may take time, a couple of days or weeks  till a lady weakens or she is certain a man is right for her. Sex, on the other hand is over in two minutes from start to finish, it can involve regrets, disappointments or awkwardness. A man who understands that not every touch is about touching base, not every date must end in sexual intercourse or every girl you feed must pay in kind is a Yes! Yes. 

6. Expressive eyes: I mean the kind that looks as if the man is staring directly into your soul, reading all your feelings , and holding you in a lock down gaze. His eyes are like mirrors , a refection of his passion. I like a man who by a lifting of his eyebrown, a wrinkle of his eyelid or a blink of his eyes , he conveys more messages than by direct speech. No wonder some men will be like" Look at me when you are telling me that", the eyes are a magnetic force , under its direct stare, you have no choice but to say the truth, accept whatever is laid before you or continue to fall in their depths.

7. A man who can laugh at himself: A ladies man knows that life is not so serious that he can not laugh at himself or accept he has flaws. A man is able to laugh at himself if only he has a great sense of humour .

8. A man with a  great chest: Not too lean that his bones can not hold my head up and not too fat that my head keeps dropping off, but an adequate chest that will serve as a pillow when my head needs rest. Not so much into the six packs thing.
 great chest

9. A man who can take of his finances: Not so little that the man depends solely on a woman and not too much that he acts arrogant and uncontrollable with it. A man who can control his finances and spendings is  a step closer to heaven, he can take care of responsibilities that come his way, provide for his family, provide niceties for the woman in his life ,and still save for the rainy day. A man that understands expenses must never be greater than income is a turn on .

10. A man who can cook: Most men lay claim to some form of prowess in the kitchen department, we not talking of the Indomie, boiling tea kind of variety, I am talking of real meals, beef stew, vegetable, egusi. To be candid, any man who can handle a stove , pot and food stuff to produce a decent plate of rice, stew and fried plantain has won my heart already.It is so sexy sometimes seeing a man in the kitchen deftly handling what a woman considers her own domain/territory, some women wont even give up their territory for fear of an unknown disaster that can happen, Not me, I will gladly give it up even if its once in a week, variety as they rightly said is the spice of life. 

11. A man who likes adventure: Note my words, not thrive on, but like it, a man who thrives on adventure is prone to give one heart attacks, can take unnecessary risks and his life is a constant battle to overcome a dare or challenge. But a man who likes adventure is in it jut for the fun, he knows his limits and will be cautious. I love surprises, going on tours, traveling, picnics, trying new things, experiencing new culture, being exposed to new tastes, to have a man who shares the same interests is a plus, not a hermit or one who is set in his ways.  

12. A quality dresser: A power dresser dresses to  intimidate, but a quality dresser wears clothes suited for each occasion and purpose. He is comfortable in his own skin, the clothes are juts to accentuate his style. It is not in the clothes quality dresser wears that makes him fashionable, it is the way he wears them. He can wear shop bought suit and appear lovelier than another wearing designer outfits. A man smelling and looking nice is always a definite turn on. 
A quality dresse
Seeing  A man in three quarter short is a most turn on for me.  Nothing as sexy as seeing fine legs, hairy or not, three quarters show legs off and says the man is comfortable in his own skin.

three quarter shorts
Flavour shows off his sexiness in a three quarter shorts
13. A man with ambition:  A man with a sense of purpose and direction is a turn on every time, this man knows where he is headed, has plans and he is staking steps to achieve it, he does not cut corners, change course at every storm on his way or trample on others to achieve his goals. Being with man for few minutes, hours can say a lot about him, if he is an Iroko or a reed that can be easily swayed. 

14. A man with the midas touch: Everything he touches does not have to turn to gold, but a man who has the right magic in his fingers must be heaven sent. Every caress, touch  and massage feels divine. Playing with a woman's hair is a plus too , Short or long hair is not a point, the feel of a man's fingers running through a woman's hair is the most relaxing sensation a woman can feel.

15. A sensitive man: This is a man who understands that sometimes a woman may be in the "mood", he is tuned to every inflection, nuance, feeling a woman may emote, he is affectionate, gentle, patient and above all understanding. He is slow to keep grudges, a man who can feel and not ashamed to show his feelings is an alpha male.

Who is your kind of man?


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