The untold truths about multilevel marketing and how Nigerians are still making money

Multilevel marketing (MLM) or network marketing is not new to many Nigerians, what many fail to realise is the necessary understanding needed to succeed in Network marketing.
multilevel marketing

Many often ask, What is Network marketing? Is it real or a scam? Is it a get rich quick scheme or takes years before seeing any measurable sucess? These questions , though important are properly answerd before jumping in or backing out from  a network marketing scheme.

 My earliest memories of MLM,  was of Penny wise which later fulfilled the pouplar cliche of "Penny wise, Pound Foolish" as thousands of Nigerians lost huge amounts to the scam, no security , no guarantee, no one that can be sued, every man was for himself, inheritances and people's life possessions literally went down the drain.

Then came GNLD, Forever living products (FPL), Tianshi, Trevo,  Organo gold cofee, Oriflame, Swiss Gold, Tasly, Aim Global and many more. What do these companies have in common? There strategies may be different, their offered products varied but they are all Network marketing companies.

Network /multilevel marketing is a system of selling products and making more sales through referrals. It involves bringing on board others to join in the distribution network. Many also refer to it as referral marketing, even the affiliate marketing is a form of network marketing.
Due to past experiences of many,. Nigerians tell to run or flee from such marketing schemes, others who join do so without having proper knowledge of what the network marketing is all about.
Do you know that whatever your misgivings may be, network marketing is still the way to go, it is a billion dollar making industry in the world  and a million naira making industry in Nigeria. The fact that some names seems to have been silent in recent times does not mean people or companies are not continually turning profits, yeas ago, when I was serving in a bank, I had the privilege of handling one of the Multilevel marketing company's business account and they literally make millions of Naira per month, that i show much people believe in them and joined in their growing business. Successful
 Small business owners have found the secret and turned their businesses to mega industries through the power of  network marketing, Mary Kay, Avon, Tara, because all of them realized that there no better form of advertisement than the word of mouth. Many trust the products that has been given a great review by their friends. "Because she said it is good, then it must be good"

5 Common excuses why Network marketing is a No/No for some.

1. I have tried one before, it did not work for me.
2. I am yet to see proofs of those who are sucessful.
3. I dont know how to market/ sell to others/ I am shy talking to people.
4. I don't have the money/ time, too busy.
5. Many Mlms tell lies and fail in fulfilling promises

5 worse reasons to join Mlm 
1.I need to get rich fast.
2. I want access to the good things of life without paying much for it, fast cars, trips abroad, vacations in exotic resorts, foreign seminars and more.
3. You are selling products that promise all cure-alls, whether the customer is perfectly healthy or not.
4. As long as there is huge population, you will use every trick and means to push a product on a client.
5. As an alternate employment when all else has failed, it should not be a last resort kind of thing.

5 good reasons not to join multilevel marketing 
1. If you are afraid of change or leaving the comfort zone
2. Allergic to stress
3. Unprepared or have the wrong perception about the business
4. If you believe you dont have to work, talk to people or open y
5. If you have fear of rejection or planning on giving up too soon.

Ten good reasons to join
1. You can keep a day job and do Mlm part time
2. You build a network of quality contacts and associates
3. You share common interests with like minded people
4. It increases your relationship skills , confidence and human relations
5. Your social media skill will improve because most of your marketing will be done online, that is where to find old and potential clients.
6. You will be held accountable, apart from reporting on the progress you are making ro the company, analyzing transportation, calls costs, expenses incurred during marketing and comparing it to profits made will give you a good idea if the effort is worth it or not, if not after several months, then know Mlm is not for you. Have focus.
7. It offers financial freedom, see it as a future  investment , you start to build your financial portfolio and save for a rainy day.
8. If you prefer to work from home and the 9-5 job is not it for you.

Tips to determine the best networking marketing program to join
1.  Consider consumables,  these are fast selling products like food, cosmetics, drugs and gold. Choose the one you also buy yourself and will feel comfortable selling to others.
2. Understand the scheme, how do you climb up? Is there a limit to one's expansion? is it a one on one marketing, pyramid , table or a line marketing.
3. Find out how long the company has been in business, the longer the more staying power, do they have a board of directors, human faces you can associate with the company, a physical location, a branch office in your country or local area.
4. Ask the person that introduce the scheme to you to show you proof, including part of his/her statement account that clearly shows he/she has been receiving payments form the company or of another marketer in the program.
5. Find out if the marketing company will give seminars,not the normal "see how much I made in Three months"talk shows, am talking of intense  training programs to mentally prepare you for the task ahead and improve your leadership skills.
6. Is the pay off even, fair and generous, is it worth the effort you will put it. Does it offer something better? If the company says the payout is online into an account you can't access or withdraw from, please stay away and keep off , it is a scam.
7. Never quit your day job yet if still working, see how the next few months turns out.
8.Choose wisely,  Only work with companies that their mission and marketing practices ease your conscience.

Nigerians , believe it or yes, are making millions from multilevel marketing, though many have lost monies but those who have been consistent and studied the terrain well are still smiling o the bank everyday. The big business men are into it, Donald Trump, Richard Brandson, Robert Kiyosaki, Stephen Covey, so why not you. You can make your next billion from network marketing either from your own business , investing in another business or selling for others. There are amazingly good Mlms, I belong to one that is doing well,but what works for me may not necessarily work for you.  The choice is entirely yours, read all the reasons above and consider if you still want to go ahead , sit on the fence or just completely ignore. Whatever you decide, Am here to help you answer your questions on the next business step you will like to consider.