10 Deadly defense mechanisms animals use to kill their preys

1. Talons and claws:  Tight fisted grips, Powerful to catch and  hold on to prey, some cats have retracted claws that comes out when they are angry or aroused to fight.
Examples:  cats , birds, millipedes, bears.

2. Teeth and Jaws: A bite here, a slice there, a crunch from these powerful animals can be fatal.
Examples: King cobra, big cats (lion, tigers), crocodiles.

3.Poisonous  Venom and toxins: There are animals who emanate venom or toxins before or after an attack to weaken or chase away  a potential prey , predator or human.
Examples: Pythons, box jellyfish

4. Camouflage: Animals who use camouflage to blend into their environment, a prey or predator would have passed by it unknowingly since most of these animals skin tones is almost indistinguishable from the surrounding environment.
Examples: leopards, chameleon.

5. Sharp shooting tongue and eyes:
Examples: blood squirting lizard, frogs, snakes,

6. A kick from hard feet:
Examples: Elephant, Kangaroo, Giraffe

7.Emission of offending smell:
Examples:Skunk, Iberian newt, cuttle fish

8. Playing dead or suicide: 
Examples:Opossum, termites (they blow themselves up to protect others)

9. Skin spikes:
Skunk, Porcupines, newt

10. Sheer body strength : There are animals who use their body strength to hold, twist and break the bones of their victims, some also kill by asphyxiation, starving their Victims f air, blocking the airway passage like nose and mouth till it dies.
Examples:Lion, python, anaconda.

Useful tip:
When face to face with a wild animal, never look straight into its eyes.A direct gaze , an animal takes it as a form of aggression and will react accordingly.

In a confrontation with a  deadly animal, you either stay to fight or flee, because only one living being will emerge victorious.