10 old African wedding traditions we need to bring back

There are many wedding traditions modern couples are letting go , making weddings look monotonous, less classy, predictable , all glitz and funfair without substance.  Though not all these traditions have root in the African or Nigerian culture, but they have practiced by our parents and elders before this recent generation. These traditions have important significance ,Observing  them will add quality, meaning and uniqueness to your wedding.
Popular Oap, Toolz Oniru , all smiles at her wedding to Captain Tunde Demuren. As Banky W looks on
Popular Oap, Toolz Oniru , all smiles at her wedding to Captain Tunde Demuren. As Banky W looks on

1. Wearing of gloves: Gloves are protective hand clothing items worn by brides. Though wearing of gloves by the groom is optional, but gloves should be worn by the bride to emphasize her delicacy and taste for finer things.

2. Husband not seeing the wife before the wedding day: A groom not catching a glimpse of his bride or her wedding dress before the wedding holds a element of surprise. Remember the story of the groom who bursts into tears on sighting his bride walking down the aisle. That is the kind of emotion you evoke when their is surprise. Most couples are so concerned with picture perfect weddings, some eevn sleep together on the wedding eve just to be able to do the pre wedding shoots. If couples have been sleeping together before their weddings, no one needs to know that fact, a couple should be kept aprt even if they book the same hotel. The chief bridesmaid and groomsman should act as the go in between and chaperons , no matter what, do not let them see each other till the wedding proper.

3. Use of a bridal veil: The veil also achieves the same purpose stated in (2), to shield the bride's face . It is good to have the husband view her first, then he can lift the veil and present his wife to other guests. The lifting of the veil is a symbolic act, it shows the wife is ready to submit and she acknowledges the man as her head.Imagine the amazement a guest will  feel when he/she finally gets to see the unveiled face of a new bride, and her wonderful hairstyle.

4. Carrying the bride over the threshold: Even from the wedding ceremony, a groom should carry his bride. A show of strength indicates  he will be able to take care of her, use his resources to nurture, protect and keep her from danger.

5. Keeping a piece of cake till the first anniversary:This is a tradition many believe is for luck, having  a piece of the wedding cake under your pillow , some consider is for charm, good children, blessings and prosperity. Have your cake vendor keep a piece from the cake tier before every bite is ate up.

6. Showering the bride with confetti as she leaves the hall: Rice, confetti, paper cuts are among items thrown at a bride and groom as they take their leave. It makes the wedding more colorful and glamorous, due to time constraints, many couples have forgone the tradition, Who remembers confetti when the reception has started, people are  getting impatient and time is fast running? To make sure you still have the privilege of being showed with confetti, include confetti ladies in your bridal train, that is their primary role. Many ladies on a bridal train don't seem to know their responsibilities, some think it is all about taking selfies and appearing in matching outfits.

7. Inexpensive honeymoons: Couple can just go into hiding, it does not matter where they go, a long as they dont resume day to day activities immediately, spend a week at a friend's house or a relative's mansion, not the expensive, luxury Honeymoons couples take nowadays that make them go broke even before the marriage has started. Honeymoons is a time to relax, take pleasure in each other and bond, the location does not matter, whether in the village or Dubai, what matters is the willingness to make the marriage work.  Spend the money only if you can afford to. There is life after the wedding and honeymoon.

8. One bride per day: Any wedding, shotgun or intentional , should be a bride's special day. The combination of several weddings in a day practiced by some religious houses does not go down well with me. A bride should feel the day was made only for her, not to be hurried, squeezed to fit into other people's programs or schedules. If you want the day to be yours only, inquire from the religious authorities to know the timetable of weddings, choose a month that has the fewest weddings,not April or Decembers,because those are the months that most people choose to get married.

9. A walk down the aisle by the bride's father: A bride should honor her father or older relative and give him the privilege of walking her down the aisle and handing her over to the groom. This sends the right message to the man and his family, you were properly trained and brought up, so whenever your husband remembers he actually sought a man's permission for your hand in marriage, you have a back ground, and good behind you that got your back always, it will keep him on his toes 

10. Crying on your wedding day: Do whatever it takes to shed some few tears, many brides are afraid to ruin their makeup, becoming dry eyed throughout the wedding day, one wonders if they are being forced to get married. Crying is a way of letting all your emotions, past go and  a start of bright future.

To all the future brides, Have a blastful wedding !