12 Google tools for the effective business owners

12 Google tools you must have as a business owner
At a recent meeting of Nassi (Nigerian Association of Small Scale Industrialists),  Edward Esene , a Google ambassador shared some tips for business owners and entrepreneurs  for a visible online presence and achieving more success rate with the effective usage of online tools including Google , Facebook and submission to online market directories. While most of us know the importance of Google and how it has made relatively unknown small businesses to mega millions industries today. Unfortunately, majority of Nigerian business owners and African entrepreneurs are yet to fully utilize the potential of Google in their various businesses. Here is a list of the Google tools I am currently using    and I advise every entrepreneur to start with, they are must have Ultimate Google tools. They are great for connecting you with your customers, making money online and creating an awareness about your services and products  without you breaking the bank. Be wise and sign up today.

1. Gmail: (Free service). This is a must have for all, it is the first tool you should register, as it forms the basis for all other Google tools. Ideal for sending , reviving mails and Google hangouts(just like chats and instant messaging, connecting with people fast and easy).

2. Google adwords: (Paid for service). This is to target customers who making searches related to your business. Say if you are into wedding planning, you can target online users who type in wedding related keywords like wedding, wedding gifts, Nigerian wedding,African weddings, wedding parties, bridal services and so on in their searches. You pay for these keywords and once a potential client comes online searching for a wedding service, your page url is the first that will come up. A keyword planner, also by Google will help you in knowing the best keywords to use and pay for. To use keywords you must understand impressions (Views) and cost per click (Cpc, that is the amount you pay for a click on your ad) and click through rate (Ctr, the cost paid for the actual view of  your site).

3. Google trends: (Free service): Ideal to follow all the new and existing trends related to your business. Find all the trending terms in your industry, where the viewers are coming from, the population searching for those items and what next they want to know. Say, you are involved in the fashion industry, trending terms will be"Garment", "Apparel","Clothing", "Fashion styles", "fashion design". See a view of the current fashion related terms trending now in Nigeria.
Google trends
fashion related terms trending now in Nigeria

4. Youtube: (Free service):  A powerful tool to upload videos online,An effective business strategy is to create 2 minutes video presentation about your business and publish, include behind the scenes for making products, assembling materials , customer testimonies and services.

5. Blogger: (Free service): To write and publish online posts. A mini website with the functionality to add images, videos without knowing or understanding the html codes. Best way to put your business online and answer all the frequently questions about your products and services .

6. Google adsense (Free service): A business tool to monetize all your content online. An alternative way of making money online , to be used with either blogger or You tube.

7. Google merchant and Get my business online:(Free service).These two tools work hand in hand to serve as a functional  mini website, ideal for free business updates and product listings.

8. Google analytics: To understand the demographics of your audience, age, location, interests, this will enable you to target your business better to serve those interested in your services. It helps narrows down your effort to be concentrated on the people that will give a maximum yield.

9. Google+:(Free service):This is for your personal profile or you can create a profile for your business, it is the most efficient connecting site next to Facebook, it is responsible for the best search optimization online. Ideal for certifying your authority and business online.

10. Google drive (Free service, paid for for more storage capacity):This is your storage online,think of it as a file saver or cupboard, you can save your photos, directories, contacts, notes, messages, emails , whatever is necessary to the survival of your business. Just activate and connect your Google account to it,the rest takes care of itself. Dont allow your files to be lost, as in case of a stolen phone or laptop, save all your work related projects to this cloud storage.

11. Google mybusiness:(Free service).This puts your business online, sets your location, makes you get found easily, puts you on Google map and gives easy directions to your address.The utmost business directory.

12. Google alerts:(Free service): To get all the mentions about you, your business , your products or just to monitor the other competition.

Do you have further questions or you need help on your struggling business. Drop a line below and I will get back to you.