3 methods of wig making and how to start the wig business

handmade afro wig
Me wearing my first wig. An afro wig and I got really good reviews
Wigs are hair coverings made from articifial or natural human hair.Many people use wigs for different purposes- To cover a balding head, shield head from harsh weather conditions like extreme rains and sunshine,as a protection when recovering from hair loss, costume, fashion accessory  and religious obligations. The demands for wigs is on the rise, some people have risen up to the challenge of making handmade wigs , while others resell factory produced wigs just to keep up with this business. Whatever line you choose, you can be sure to make a profitable venture in wig manufacturing and sales.


Methods of making wigs
1. Threading:  Either by the normal threading or knotting. Ideal for lace wigs and human hair wigs.
2. Glue: Either the hot glue or ordinary glue method. Ideal for most wigs and when time is of importance.
3. Crotcheting: This requires a crotchet pin adapted to the wigmaking task. Ideal for braids

Steps to having a successful wig business

1. Decide on whether you want to make your own wigs, be a retailer of a major distributor or order wigs online and sell via same medium.

2. Research and train thoroughly: You have taken the right step in the right direction by taking time to read this post. Use quality materials only for your wigs-Thread, hair, wig caps, needles, glue,weft,e.t.c. or choose a reliable manufacturer to supply you with good and affordable wigs. Get professional training, you can also learn online, but consider the number of hours wasted in trial and error sessions. Practice with different wigs till you move from an amateur to a professional wig maker , your good finishing makes you one.

3. Determine the kind of wigs you want to deal in : The colour , design and style of wigs, ethnicity, economic status and preference of targeted customers, location, availability of supplies among other determinants have a strong influence of the kind of wigs you will be making or ordering. Wigs are classified by manmade/ human hair, black/brown or colored wigs, center/half parting wigs, lace / frontal closure. So choose wisely the ones you know will sell fast.

4. Choose your location and brand name, a physical address or online store or a Facebook fan page: It must be a platform easily accessible to your potential and existing clients, have effective response rate to enquirers,orders and purchases made. Your brand name must be easily remembered and unique .If you have an existing business, you can put up your wig business under the same brand name or if not, crate another one. But if you retail for other brands, please state such information.

5. Invest in marketing; Spread the word out to your friends, social media fans and followers, they form the bulk of your first time customers, they must believe in you to succeed . Take facebook/Instagram ads, get sponsored posts on blogs, print ads, compile short videos describing how a wig can be worn and different styles available accompanied with short descriptions. It helps your customers understand more about your wigs.

Go and conquer your world!

Do you want to learn wig making, register for my class, send a mail to typearls@gmail.com. Will soon post videos of some wigmaking sessions.