5 Lessons from Konga.com Store management class

To be and remain a entrepreneur that will be fully reckoned with in the Nigerian market place, you need to step up your game higher and open an online store. No need to expend resources on creating an eCommerce site, handling legal issues or logistics associated with advertising to customers and deliveries. Konga.com has provided a platform that encourages sellers to sell  directly to their customers.
Konga.com Store management
 In their own words, When you sell on Konga, "Konga is Happy, the merchant is Happier and the customer is the Happiest"

Following the success of the msme fair, Konga organised a one day store management training for upcoming and established entrepreneurs. To sell effectively on the Konga platform and manage your  Seller Hq account. You need to take note of the following.

1. Upload quality images only: Preferably on white backgrounds ,uncluttered and individual images.
2. Write good content description: Type of material, components,dimensions,size,requirements, purpose, finishing, color. Whatever will give a better understanding about your products to your customer.
3. Have good customer relations:Necessary to keep customers coming back to your store.
4. Dont overstate what your products/services can do: It is better to supersede or at least meet a customer's expectations that to have goods returned to you, resulting in bad reviews and loss of brand credibility.
5. Mange your store efficiently: Track orders, input products, ask for feed backs and reviews.

In subsequent trainings, sellers will be taught on topics that will make them run an efficient store such as Financial management, social media usage and business management.

Have the best selling experience on Konga.

See pictures from the event:
Konga.com Store management v2


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You need to review your write ups a couple of times so as to detect spelling errors. It distracts from the reading. Good points, all the same.
Thanks dear, will review
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Great article. Keep sharing such a useful post.

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