7 reasons why we love Banky W

Forget the tall, dark and handsome criteria, think more of average,fair and adorable which clearly describes the most eligible bachelor in Nigeria right now, Banky W (Bankole Wellington). Do you want to know why he is the hottest thing asides snap chat right now, Check out the list of his attributes below and you need not wonder why every lady of marriageable age wish she can be the lucky one to hook such a s special guy.
Banky W
Banky W

1. He is the kinda of guy every momma will love:
When it comes to "take home to mama" types, one must be very careful as African mothers take it as special duty to perform a rigorous scrutiny of potential suitors, but Banky W is a man am sure even the strictest mom wont find so many faults in. He is lovable ,caring (his fans will testify)  financially independent , romantic and can cook as he has led us to believe  from his social media posts.

2. He always comes through for is friends:
Banky is one who most celebrities  in the entertainment industry feel comfortable with, he is everyone's friend as he has a  likable personality. He does not beef, he even publicly declared support for Wizkid , though he discovered the latter who has since left his label and seems to be doing better than him. But Banky never ranted, showed beef or became envious of Wizkid success. Recently, he was there in the nick of time  to stop Teebillz (Tiwa's estranged husband)  from committing suicide. He takes the selfies with his colleagues, gives them happy birthdays shoutouts  , encourages them through the bad times and shares every happy  moment with them too.

3. He is scandal free:
Remember when a Nigerian jokingly said, Banky's pull out game is tight, that's true,Banky has stayed scandal free, what we dont know is if he intentionally keeps himself from dangerous situations or he is just invincible that no one hears bad gossip about this ladies' man. No baby mama drama, no domestic violence, no call out on social media. Most importantly he doesnt rant ,have meltdowns , a balanced man. Not many celebrities can boasts of such a clean slate. It is one more reason to love Mr Bankole

4. He makes an adorable bestman: He has had lots of practice being a groomsman, he will surely be ideal groom.He is the matchmaker, event coordinator, the man who keeps the party going, standing up and holding the hands of the groom till the very part the couple takes their vows and provides support after.  Just ask  Tunde  Demuren (Toolz husband) on the role Banky played during his wedding. He is a veritable machmaker too.

5. He is a family oriented: 
In any of Banky's ten posts on social media, at least one will be about family, either blood related or adopted, he understands the family value system and why having the support of blood is important, a surviving force especially in this part of the world.

6. He is a relentless entrpreneur:
He is a music artiste, a director, Mcee, a record label owner, Seems he is full of ideas and what we have been seeing is just a tip of the iceberg, for someone to confidently say he wants to take a break from Music means he is confident in his other skills and that they are enough  to help hi fulfill his dreams. Who knows what next?

7. He is handsome, witty, has sense of humour, keeps in great shape  and sure can sing , Imagine listening to that melodious, sonorous voice of his crooning love songs either on your phone or in your ears. So what is there not to love?