Aftermath of Leicester premier league win: 10 Possibilities that are likely to occur

It is no longer news that the underdogs of the English premier league are now the celebrated champions after winning the league title , beating a 5000-1 odds chance of such feat ever happening.

Leicester city players celebrating after a win
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So If Leicester city F.c can do it, then the following can also happen:

1. Apc and Pdp form a mega party
2. Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton to win US presidential election.
3. Arsenal winning the championship and Arsene Wenger quitting.
4. An African president that will voluntarily resign or opt for a single term (Ask Zuma,      Mugabe, what they are still trying to achieve).
5. Nite of a thousand laughs to  Outsold Olamide's music concert .
6.  China stop mass production of  products for exports to help other economies grow. 
7. A Nigerian politician admitting guilt of being corrupt  to Efcc, code of conduct tribunal or worse his constituents.
8. Winning an election without money , media influence, or intimation of opponent.
9.  To achieve a "No visas required" status for Nigerians in Europe, America and Asian countries.
10. Google shutting down. 

Anytime you wish to pull a "Leicester", pray it is the same day legends are born, Spurs make a slip, you have a coach who offers free pizza for every win and to top it all, having  a James Vardy in your corner.

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