Animal sex facts: Amazing!See 10 Animals that Pratice lesbianism

A  pair of deer having sex
A  pair of deer having sex
Have you witnessed a pair of animals mating before, Amazing ,Isn't it? But dont be surprised if you also happen on a pair of female animals, having sex. In fact same-sex behavior has been observed and documented among some animals, their sexual antics include kissing, necking, preening, petting and actual mating. Some of these animals have sex for fun, others have sex for procreation , while many can become aggressive if they feel threatened by animals of same species who want to take away their partners. For example, a female dolphin can mourn for a long time if she loses her female partner. 

See animals who top the list of the animals practicing lesbianism. 

1. Female African lions
Female African lions

2. Penguins

3. Bonobo monkeys
Bonobo monkeys

4. Whiptail lizard 
4. Whiptail lizard

5. Laysan Albatross
5. Laysan Albatross

6. Flamingos
7. Dolphins

8. Snails

9. Vampire bats
Vampire bats

10. Spiders

Image credit: Giphy- Animal Gifs