Be inspired: How to conquer failure and Start over- 5 proven strategies

Failing doesn’t mean I ‘m a failure: It just means I have not yet succeeded.
It doesn’t mean ‘ve accomplished nothing: It just means I 've learned something
It doesn’t mean Fool ; It just means I  Had the courage to take a risk
It doesn’t mean I am inferior: It just means I am not perfect
It doesn’t mean Wasted my time: It just means reason to start over
It doesn’t mean I should give up: It just means I 've to try harder
It doesn’t mean I will never make it: It just means I need more patience
It doesn’t mean God has abandoned me: It just means he has a better idea.
- Bob Gass

Many individuals  are afraid of failing,  though everyone loves being successful all the time , but on the road to success are "pot holes" known as failures, so  the fear of failure is absolutely not sensible. The reality is everyone will experience failure, from taking wobbly steps before walking upright, speaking garbled language before achieving eloquence to having proposals rejected, dwindling finances, losing an election, divorce, it is part of living. The earlier one understands that failure is part of living , the it is an important ingredient in shaping the form one's success will take, the better. 

Most people have made  the fear of failing to rule and ruin their lives for so long, they are afraid of almost everything, the fear of losing a loved one, fear of death, fear of a marriage going bad, fear of not raising obedient children, fear of wining, fear of fame, fear of walking and the list goes on. You need to shed of being afraid to failure  and ask what I must do to conquer failure, your best defense is to be prepared for failure when it comes. 
 Starting over: How to take control of your life

Failure doesn’t  not make you a failure-quitting does!
Not learning from it does!
Failing to see beyond it does!.

See  how many great personalities defined failure, You can only conquer failure if you don't allow it to have hold over your next step.

Some  Nigerian celebrities who  have worked past their failures include Tiwa Savage and Toyin Aimakhu who have become more popular despite the negative buzz surrounding the way their marriages ended. Yemi Alade, failed to secure next rated artiste at  a previous Headies awards , but she is now one of the most popular singers on the African continent , also Wizkid has received bad publicity, involved in public scandals but went on to top song charts outside his home base. 
There are other individuals who have proven that persistence and getting up time after time, over and over again is the best way to deal with failure.

To start over is not an easy process, but it is vital for survival. 

What to do to conquer  failure: 

1. Have a blue print : Write your goals out maybe on small cards or "post it" notes, read it always ; Or you can  record it,listen to it every time,make sure your plans to success is on a blue print, keep it close to you at all times. It does not matter if what you have is a fool proof plan, have  aplan anyway.

2. Find a mentor : Someone you can always  be responsible to, not the wishy washy types who are in it for the cheap popularity, he or she must be a person who looks out for  your best interests. It can be a spouse, a friend, colleague, teacher, parent , sibling, counselor boss or pastor. Choose someone whose habits and character is integrity based.

3. Get out of bad company: Evil friends corrupt good manners. Never surround yourself with people who doesn't share same goals or dont see what is good in you  and because they do not understand your vision, they will end up bringing you down, killing your dream and making your failure complete. If it means leaving the environment you are, switching careers or changing lifestyles, then do it before it gets too late.

4. Press forward: Dont focus on the past, but what the fure holds is what matters. After each failure, get back up.A fall is to allow you  realize your mistakes , never be afraid to try again, dont look back on past continue to press on towards your goal, each fall is to show you what pitfalls to avoid and be careful of where to place your next steps.

5. Trust in God: You are just a vessel in his hands, he charts your purpose, knows the direction you are heading to, let him lead and you follow. Ask for his help so you dont take the tortuous route (like the Israelites 40-year journey) to success. With him ,your failure rate is minimal. Every failure is a test and a preparation for a greater achievement.

This post has been inspired by Bob Gass's book " Starting over: How to take control of your life  "
Bob Gass
Bob Gass
Bob Gass is the author of the popular word for today series. I recommend reading his teachings and books to understand purpose and be motivated.

As John Maxwell will say "Continue to fail forward!"