Best 10 Nigerian blogs for Women in 2016

 Women are voracious readers,you see them almost everywhere on fashion, news ,gossips and unbelievably Tech sites . Though many news and gossip sites abound,  unfortunately there are few Nigerian blogs who write purposely for women either to celebrate, encourage or inspire them . With the increase in many negative situations most females find themselves in, there should be a corresponding increase in blogs that provides answers to all the women issues- Fashion, style, parenting, religion, lifestyle,business,career,  healthcare and beauty.
The blogs listed below are a compilation of my favorite women blogs , their articles are written with the Nigerian woman in mind, but they are found useful by other women around the world.

1. Inspired by Glory:  Site created by Gloria Edozien, where she shares all things llifestyle personal development, women issues, health talks. Her Be inspired series are posts to look out for, very insightful features about what and who in our society.

2. Woman.Ng: A blog created by a woman , Shola Okubote, written by Nigerian women for other women, this is a one in all lifestyle online site about fashion, news, features, advice for women.

3. Women of rubies: This is another wonderful site created by Esther Ijewere Kalejaiye, a woman activist, Esther has been known to take on fights on behalf of her fellow women that have been abused, harassed and subjected to physical domination. It is no surprise her site celebrates inspiring and successful women  that can be considered as women of rubies

4. Misstechy: For all phone lovers, tech addicts, mobile junkies and female scientists. This is your blog. Site owned and created by Tobi Ayeni. She has all the info on current technology updates, which tech company is gaining or losing to competitors, how to download or register a mobile app, what is trending on the internet ,she shares freely on her blog regularly.

5. Sisiyemmie: Online site created by Tito's mama, Yemisi Odusanya. Do you want to know the new restaurant in town, how to play a prank on your husband, who is fooling who on social media, food recipes, coping with life issues, handling a newborn and all those issues men consider unimportant but they are major issues to us women, then just go to sisiyemmie, she has all the answers.

6. Beautygeekng: For all the beauty tutorials, beauty diys, Say you are infatuated with lipstick, then to know how to apply lipstick, make a lipstick, all the stockists, new lipstick colours, lipstick trends, just visit this beauty site. that's how explicit it is. Site created by Ojuolape Asekun.

7. Africanismcosmopolitan: Created by Tosin Alabi, she talks about life, faith, fashion and food recipes. All African lifestyle choices.
Tosin Alabi
Tosin Alabi
8. Jeenager: A blog inspiring creative women, owned by Temitope Banks , she talks religion, and shares her personal stories to encourage others.

9. Eziaha: An online site for christian women, Eziaha shares article about her faith, bible stories, real life experiences  to encourage and motivate other christian women.

10. Muslimahanie:A lifestyle blog for Muslim and non -Muslim women, Hannefah Adams also  shares articles about her faith, diy projects , food recipes and style   to inspire her fellow Muslim faithfuls and women in general. She definitely has taste, class and style.

Sites Previously on this post:
Esther blog: A lifestyle blog owned by Esther Agbonavbare, she shares lifestyle tips, business ideas, news and personal stories on her blog to encourage other Nigerian women.

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