BIBLE STUDY 1: How to rise above your enemies: 5 effective strategies

This is the first post in the upcoming Bible study series, would love to share bible messages, prayer points as from my private moments with God motivate and encourage you from lessons I am these times, when all else fails, only the strong keeps going and  to be strong requires a faith deeply rooted in Solid rock.  I pray someone gets inspired and learn form this .
Bible study 1  How to rise above your enemies: 5 effective strategies   @Typearls lifestyle

Today's bible readings are from 1 peter 2:6 , Colossians 2:3  and Jeremiah 28

To rise above one's enemies requires 5 major strategies.

1.To live a life beyond reproach: You can not come down to your enemy's level, so your ways and manners must be always be several steps ahead of your enemies.
2. Recognize there is a higher power that will fight your battles: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood ... but Principalities and powers, forces of evil, whether they dwell in humans or spirits, but there has been given unto us, a name that is above all names, not us, but the supreme power in us that will conquer all enemies around us.
3. Be realistic, prepared and prayerful : To be fully aware that there are enemies all and around us makes it easier to deal with them. Living in fantasy or believing that enemies have no place in this world is an unrealistic approach, because Enemies do exist. "Thou will prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies......" The winning strategy is not to ignore them, but to be prepared for them every time, you should always wear the full armor consisting of prayer to go before you and prepare the battle ground so when the time comes, the battle will be won  over and over again.
4. Trust in God's word and in him  to fulfill his promises : Reading the scriptures, knowing the thoughts of God concerning you, having revelations about God's word will make one aware of the enemies's plans and make them foil. No matter what it looks like now, you will always be the one to triumph in the end.
5. Have understanding and not fall victim of false prophecies: There are prophets full of deceits, one must be wise not to become their prey or else the enemies will have a field day and conquer easily.