Blogging tip: 5 Things to do after an Adsense approval

However you got your adsense approval, either through your blog, website or video channel (YouTube), a big congratulations to you. So now that you have been accepted into the Adesnse program. What next? Here are best practices to follow to make the maximum opportunity from Adsense and eliminate the possibility of future disqualifications or account closure.
Google 's email confirming my blog approval
Blogging tip: 5  Things to do after an Adsense approval
Google 's email confirming my blog approval

 1. Continue to write great content : Post frequently, concentrate on your niche  to get targeted traffic,  Keep  producing great content write-ups and videos that keeps your audience engaged and encourage more interaction with your posts. The longer a reader stays on your blog/site, the higher the chances of him or her clicking on the ads served on your site  and following through.

2. Include page -level ads: These are ads formats optimized for the mobile experience. So your mobile viewers are not left out. Get the code on Your adsense account and include it on the page you want it.

3. Increase traffic to your sites: The higher the traffic on your site, the higher the potential of the revenue generated from adsense, as there is a corresponding increase on clicks and impressions. Great content, back links , referrals, seo, paid traffic (Facebook, google ads are good and acceptable ways of sourcing traffic)  are ways of increasing website traffic.

4. Optimise ads for maximum impact: Ad sizes, ad placements, ad styling, ad position are criteria you must consider and choose carefully . Ads must be distinguished clearly from actual text.  Text and banner ads are the best performing ad formats. Try to use 2 ad units, 1 search box and 2 link units , less is more as too many ads can drive your readers or viewers away.

5.  Avoid bad practices:  To avoid getting disqualified or closure of Adsense, practices such as clicking on your own ads, spamming, posting questionable content (pornography, sex, gambling) , illegal driving of traffic to site, changing google ad codes manually are some of the practices frowned on by Google.  Crawl your website regularly  using Google webmaster tools and fix error issues for a better user experience on your sit.

Update: After my first adsense approval, my blog was disapproved , but I didn't give up, I continued to churn out great contents, worked on traffic and reapplied. Got my second adsense approval within days.