Blogging vs Vlogging: Which has better revenue and traffic? How to choose an online publishing platform

A blogger is someone who writes for a blog, while a vlogger is someone who records and creates videos to be published online.To be a star blogger or a famous vlogger is a question asked by those trying to venture into the competitive world of online publisher , by those not satisfied with where they are now, desiring a change or seeking another platform to publish their ideas.
Blogging vs Vlogging: Which is better

What is your primary motivating factor? 
 To make money
To provide information
To  be famous.
Your answer will help to determine what platform to choose and if blogging/ vlogging is for you.
Before you start, making money is ideal, but creating vlogs, blogs  to educate your audience is far better because both vlogging and  blogging requires patience and consistency. And when the going gets tough or not smooth as expected, the passion, the motivation behind starting a vlog or blog will keep you going.

To write or to record?

You need to consider blogging: 

  1. If you don't like the cameras. You love the behind the scenes action.
  2. You love writing
  3. Your video skills are still amateurish and not improved yet.
  4. You can be patient
  5. You want to protect your identity.
  6. Blogging is ideal for writers, storytellers, consultants, trainers, news journalists. Examples are Osagie Alonge, Eya  Eyambem, Stella Dimokoko Korkus.


  • You can blog anytime , anywhere and using free platforms like blogger, wordpress and Tumblr even Instagram. 
  • There are lots of resources to help you get started and maintain a blog. Books,videos, blog posts and manuals.
  • A post can be edited, updated and reposted to keep up with changes or new updates.


  • Traffic takes time to build up and you need to post frequently to get more traffic
  • No suggested posts, so you need to continually seek ways to find new audience and keep them.

You are a potential Vlogger :

  1. You are a procrastinator, having ideas is one thing, getting your thoughts published is another. If you delay typing and publishing a post, the higher the chances you will never get it dobne.
  2.  As a vlogger, you have the advantage of getting your thoughts more quickly. Just get set , press record, and upload.
  3. You like to say it as you mean, no editing of words, actions or emotions.
  4. You love people to see the emotions on your face, the gestures 
  5. You love cameras, not shy 
  6. Your content consist more of diys,teachings,expert advice, interviews, tutorials, and creative projects.
  7. Vlogging is ideal for trainers, fashion stylists, makeup artists, Example of successful vloggers are Toke Makinwa, That Igbo chick,Instablognaija.


  • You can start with any camera that has good image settings and high picture quality , it may be a mobile smart phone or digital camera.
  • You can upload your videos on Youtube, spotify, vimeo for free .
  • More traffic, more integration, better engagement with your audience.
  • Your personality comes through in your videos. Whether you are an organizer, deep thinker or just fun to be with, everyone can see what makes you tick. 


  • You need to learn how to handle a camera and  update your video skills
  • As you upgrade to a professional vlogger , you need to pay for more video editing software, if your videos have poor quality or finish, your chances of being taken as a serious vlogger is low. 
  • The ad placements are limited. Except for the ads playing before the video and sponsored mentions in your video, no other way to put in ads on your video channel.
  • Your videos can not be reedited once posted online, except you delete and repost a new video and you have lost the traffic to the previous video. 

But wait a minute!
Do you know you can be both, you can combine blogging and vlogging together ,and become a mega online expert, the added advantage of such collaboration is:

1. Improved search optimization: You get more search traffic if there is associated video to go with your posts. Also traffic from your blog can be directed to your video channel. Its a win-win situation.
2. Increased revenue potential: You tend to make more money from relevant youtube ads, sponsored post, affiliates ads, brands seek you and pay you to mention their products or services.

Check out this post about Diy fashion cardigan, the blogger created a post about it and included the video inside the same post. So she has gotten traffic on her blog and still directed same traffic to her video. Talk of killing two birds with one stone.  I fall into this category.

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Tips for bloggers and vloggers to engage their audience
Choose the platform you are most comfortable with:To remain relevant and come tops in online search, you need to upload posts or videos frequently and consistently . So to put up your post/video should come easily to you, the turnaround time must be fast. While some bloggers take hours , even days to compose one post, others take minutes to write, edit, add a photo and Gbam! Published. Same goes for Youtubers, some can churn out ten  2 minutes long videos daily, while others use hours to shoot, edit, add music, trim and upload videos.
Note most of your audience have short attention span, so keep your posts or videos simple, not too long, wordy that you lose the reader/viewer and he moves on to other sites.

Be on alert: Know what is happening in your niche and be he first to write about the latest trends or create engaging videos about content your audience long for.

Monitor the traffic: Use analytical tools like Google analytics and you tube statistics to monitor your audience, their interest, location, where they are coming from, where they are going to, what they are reading, these will enable you streamline your posts to be tailor made for the kind of audience you want.