Business opportunity: All expense paid trip to professional beauty conference for Shea-based cosmetics manufacturers

Professional Beauty Johannesburg 2016

African Cosmetics Exhibition (ACE)

The Global Shea Alliance works to expand shea markets for GSA members and promote the

use of shea-based cosmetics made in Africa.

The demand for cosmetics is growing in Africa, and manufacturers are responding by creating

high quality products made with African ingredients and desirable by global consumers. At the

annual Global Shea Alliance African Cosmetics Exhibition, African brands showcasing high

quality shea-based cosmetics. In the past, the ACE has connected over 40 brands and retailers

with 1500+ buyers.

This year, the GSA will sponsor 15 Africa-based members to attend trade shows in

Johannesburg, South Africa, Ifrane, Morocco, and Nairobi, Kenya. The GSA will cover 75% of

expenses (travel, accommodation and booth costs). The total cost of participating in each

event is estimated at approximately $2,000 and participants are expected to cover the

remaining 25% of associated costs. The Global Shea Alliance has offered sponsorship for women in the Shea sector ,Click here  for more details on how to participate.

Date: August 28-29 ,2016
Venue: Johannesburg  

Deadline  for submission is 16th May 2016