Did you know? Why Animals attack -8 motivating factors for Agressive behaviour in animals

Have you ever witnessed an animal attack before, the rush of adrenaline is a sight to see, provide one is not at the end of the attack.

The top motivators for animals aggressiveness and  attack on other animals or human  are:
Why Animals attack -8 motivating factors for Agressive behaviour in animals

1. Food: Animals attack when they are hungry, looking for prey to devour, they eat lesser animals that is no match for them,while some are cannibals, eating animal of same species or their young. Usually they keep off  humans, but people make easy meals because they go close to animals, some times are defenseless and don't usually put up a fight.Otherwise, animals go for other animals, most often the weaker species.
2. Rivalry: I have watched documentaries of lions ganging up on and killing  a lion who was a previous leader of the pride, elephants attacking a pride of lions who recently killed a an elephant calf, a lion killing another lion's cub because it was fathered by another lion, and wanted no part of him, even of wolves chasing out a former pack leader. It is part of the survival process, attacks can be as result of leadership tussle, enmity with another animal, revenge or a case of sibling rivalry.
3. Territorial protection: Most animals, especially the big ones are highly territorial just like humans, they take offence at intruders who encroach on the space they consider their own, some animal mark their territories with urine, scent, leaves, any intrusion or suspicious activity by another animal will be resisted leading to an attack.
4. Extreme emotion: Hurt, pain, sickness, high hormone level,confusion, fright, fear are some of the emotions that can trigger the aggressive nature of animals. If an animal is sick, old, injured, threatened, confused, alarmed , feeling cornered is likely to attack as a defense mechanism or means of escape.
5. Sex: During mating and breeding seasons, excess hormones are produced, many animals are uncomfortable and highly irritated , other animals who understands how sensitive this period is for an animal in heat , keep off in their own best interests.
6. Protection of the young: A very good and often repeated animal tip is " NEVER be caught between a mother and her children". Animals are highly protective of their cubs, calves and kids including those that are pregnant. A buffalo will charge first if she feels her child is threatened , even a hen, though the victim is not near the child at the time, but the safest rule is to keep off mothers with a brood.
7. Playfulness: Some animals are unaware of their of physical strength and in being playful with lesser animals or human beings injure them or in worst case scenario crush them to death. In the recent happening at the Ohio Zoo, where a gorilla, Harambe was shot to death because it dragged away a child, though the incident receive much publicity and backlash, but one can never tell what happened. The gorilla may just be playing with no intention of harm or got his curiosity aroused and by dragging away the child, wanted to find out more about the strange being  that invaded his space. Other famous examples are dogs who have killed their owners by taking play too far.
8. Trained to attack: Police dogs , watch dogs, animals used in fighting championships (cocks, rams, bulls) are trained to chase and attack  criminals or intruders. These animals are safe till they attack  at the command of their owners.

See this funny picture that advises humans on how to survive an animal attack.
humans on how to survive an animal attack
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