Entrepreneur series : Meet Haneefah Adams, creator of Hijabie dolls-8 business lessons behind my sucess

Haneefah Adam is a 24 year old young fempreneur who grew up in Lagos, schooled in Uk but based in Ilorin ,Nigeria. A  woman of many parts, a Muslim booger, medical personal and creative artist. I am so drawn to her because she is the embodiment of a renaissance woman, she digs her hands into many pies and makes it seem effortless. She is into lifestyle blogging as well and has been attracting so much attention online lately because of her beautiful pictures and hijarbie dolls.

Delectable Haneefah Adams

Delectable Haneefah Adams
Looking elegant in her simple but classy Hijab

Some of her projects include:

A blog: She is a fine writer, many of her topics revolves round diys, food and fashion.
Hijarbie dolls: An African's answer to Mattel Barbie dolls, whats more , she sews their dresses and design their style herslf, the dolls identify the Muslim culture and promotes unity among people of different faiths.
Hijarbie dolls
 Hijarbie dolls
Food art: She creates amazing artworks with pieces of food ( solid,mashed, liquid,droplets). Check out her John Boyega's (Of star wars fame) illustration with Jollof rice, an art depicting an African woman with Ogbono, Fela's illustration and the coke bottle. 
food art
Food art by Hanie
Food creator: I always look forward to Her food recipes , her crepes, cakes, pancakes and many more simple food easy to do home recipes. I like her confidence, though she makes mistakes but she still allows you to see them .Humans have failings but we can only learn from the past mistakes. all her food creations turns out yummy and nice. Even her pictures have super quality. 

I see her selling cookbooks, art works, t shirts, logos ,  pictures, her redesigned fashion accessories, her possibilities are limitless. 

She is an accomplished medical personnel with a masters degree in pharmacology and drug discovery, a painter, diyer, sculptor, fashion designer, food blogger, content creator, Islam advocate, style icon and wonderful sales woman. I love her exceptional  sales pitches in her social media post.Not too aggressive but soliciting. She is willing to give back, in form of her diy tutorials.  

For a woman who has been interviewed and featured on Food blogs to follow  MicomStyle,Muslimmatters,  Muslimastyle won TechmeetsartNg  food contest award sponsored by Samsung

8 business lessons  to be learnt from Haneefah are:
1. A person can succeed in many areas as long as their is passion for each interests. 
2. Continue to do what you know best, the world will soon acknowledge you, don't seek the attention first.
3. Always give back to the society in any way you can. Not everything is about money.
4. African women are set to take over the creative arts, fashion and business industries.
5. Start from where you are now, no matter how little
6. There is potential for growth and business development in Nigeria. Build the local economy.
7. To grow a successful brand take good quality pictures of your work ,watermark  them and engage  social media to make them get noticed. 
8. Faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human's life (Excerpt form Jci's creed). Ask God to direct your ways and life's choices

To Connect with her , she is very active on her :
Blog: Muslimahanie
Twitter page:Ms_hanie
Instagram page: Hijabchickbarbie,


Meenah said…
Her instagram is @hijarbie. Not @hijabchickbarbie
The Ig page for the hijarbie dolls is @hijabchickbarbie