Increase in domestic violence deaths? What has led to this

This is a sample of people's opinions on what has led to an increase in the spate of killings of spouses by their supposedly loved ones in Nigeria. Though it has been happening, even in other countries, but it is becoming veryfrequent especially in Lagos, not a week passes without one hearing of the sudden death of a wife murdered by her husband or a husband slaughtered by his wife.  What is the cause? Names and identities of respondents have been protected.
domestic violence death

Man A: The women liberation struggle is the cause now, This Gender equality, women wanting 50/50. Its becoming so strange to men. So fight dey happen regularly. Inside fight na in untimely death dey. Olden days men, dem dey beat and kill their wife?
Woman A: This is very upsetting but Ladies need to be supported and empowered enough to leave an abusive relationship when they still have strength in their legs. It's too late when you are leaving with your body in a bag! This needs to stop!!!
Woman B: It's usually a cycle but there are some perverted perps that learnt the behavior due to the culture. They have always portrayed anger that was never curbed or addressed. It's sad but I'm glad that we are trying to educate people and create avenues for people to seek help and increase their self-esteem.
Woman C:  Poor lady wasn't married to a man she was married to a monster... This is a mindset.. Most men that beat on their wives probably watched their fathers beat the crap out of their mothers and now the circle repeats itself... This is very sad.. Imagine the sheer level of hatred. The effort put into slicing another humans throat... This is very sad.
Man B: There is the spirit of anger in the Land. Coupled with the fact that the economy is so bad right now is spread to the home front . The church in Nigeria should start praying for the destruction of the spirit of anger and hatred.
Man C:Why are people condemning the marriage institution? May her soul rest in peace. Any man who lays his hands on his wife is an animal and saying that, Domestic violence is been experienced by both gender, wit the man ashamed to speak out. In a nutshell, both gender needs education about domestic violence. It may not be only physical, but emotional too.

Popular cases of spouses killing each other:

  1. Muhammadu Igomigoh, who worked as a security guard, shot his ex-wife, 44-year-old Nnenna Ogbonna.
  2. Houston-based Nigerian man, Martin Ebegbodi shot dead his medical doctor wife, Olisa Adigwe.
  3. David of Hennepin, Minnesota murdered his wife, Priscilla Ochola.
  4. Babajide Okeowo killed his wife, Funke Okeowo.
  5. Ronke Shonde, wife murdered by her husband, Mr. Lekan Shonde.
  6. Ibadan-based lawyer, Yewande Oyediran, who allegedly stabbed her husband, Lowo Oyediran to death.
  7. And now,  Roseline was killed by her jobless husband of 26 years, 49-year-old man Jafaru Sougie.

Oh God, when will this stop?And to think that women are mainly victims,Is the killing of someone you promise to love, cherish and protect worth it?

Whenever you find yourself in a violent relationship, please leave before it gets too late. Dont go back because of family, children or what will people say. You can live to fight or reconcile another day.
Always report an infraction, emotional abuse, physical beating to the appropriate authorities, police, women rights organisation and families.