Inspiration Monday : How Focusing on my strenghts is my best career motivator - This day's Azuka Ogujiaba

This is the best career advice from a lady who has successfully established herself in the media industry especially the print industry, given her breaking news, exposes and famous interviews, (her most recent one is the popular Tiwa Savage's  interview  response to TeeBlizz allegations) , one can conclude therefore that Azuka sure knows what she is talking about.
Azuka Ogujiaba
Azuka Ogujiaba
She shares knowledge on how people should focus more on their strengths to succeed in their chosen professions and downplay their weaknesses.

Read her advice below: 
"I’d long realized that everyone in life has a shortcoming. No matter how gifted or intelligent you are, there may be a particular area where you are not exceptional. Your hands might be skillful; you might even be a genius in science but your capacity for the arts might be nowhere near impressive. You might be a great thinker, but your power for analysis might be poor. The truth is that there are a lot of things you cannot do. Those who claim that they are able to do virtually everything will soon discover that they are at best jacks of all trades and masters of none.

If you focus your attention on what you cannot do, it might be difficult to detect and maximize your talents and areas of competence. A lot of people have remained under achievers because they have allowed themselves to be intimidated by obvious shortcomings and inadequacies. Concentrating on the talents or the skills which you lack may blind you to the explosive resources that are locked up within you. One of the greatest secrets of achieving greatness lies in discovering areas in which you have the best advantage, exploring those areas and maximizing the latent energy within them, according to Dr. Daniel Olukoya, “Nobody is asking you to live a carbon copy of another person. No matter who you are, there is something you can do that others cannot do. Remove your focus from what you cannot do. Put your energy on what you can do.” Therefore, I’m putting my energy on writing (print journalism) which is what I can do and not TV for which I was never trained. You see why it‘s unfair to compare me with  TV idols?

Read her full interview- She talks about why she does better on Print media than on Tv and why many think her to be remote and unfeeling.