Is it worth it? To have a perfect bridal train at the Exclusion of old, married,not pretty and fat friends

 Osi suave also lends his voice to why removing chubby girls from the bridal train is not a ideal move
Osi suave also lends his voice to why removing chubby girls from the bridal train is not a ideal move
Reasons some brides to be give for excluding their friend or relative who has been looking forward to be part of their bridal train include:
1.  Wedding pictures wont be perfect.
2. Most of their  friends are old or ugly looking by their standards.
3. Only single ladies should be bridesmaids , so married women are exempted. 
4. Only size 6-8 ladies, model looking  are perfect sizes for bridesmaids, fat ladies are clumsy.

But wait, before you make such an uninformed decision that will hurt your friend and leave you ladies estranged, Consider the following wedding advice and tips to have a smooth wedding:

1. Get a good stylist/ dressmaker: Fat ladies make beautiful bridesmaids with the right dressing made to the right size, hit the right stores, better you don't order online or if you do, have it arrive days before the wedding so necessary changes/adjustments or fittings can be done.

2. Follow the path of peace: The pain, hurt cause is not worth the exclusion of your friend , other friends will be forced to choose sides and this will cause a rift in friendship.

3. Be inspired: Let your wedding be different, instead of living up to others or society's expectations of what a perfect wedding should look like, lets yours be unique. Research wedding inspirations on positive wedding blogs only, read the beautiful stories of fat ladies who made beautiful brides, an example is Toolz(popular Nigerian oap), lovely bridesmaids who others consider not up to bridesmaids standard because they are fat, not too good looking, married but were wonderful on the wedding day. 
Who or what sets the standard of how an ideal bridesmaid should look? 
It is your wedding, set your own rules.
No person is perfect, no wedding is perfect, o friend is perfect, all we can try to do is to have a almost perfect wedding and in doing so, a perfect wedding can be achieved. 

4. Hire a makeup artist/stylist: If you cant hire a professional, ask a friend who is good with makeup application to make your friends look beautiful on your day. Let the bridesmaid wear lovely hair/wigs , have their style and moves coordinated.

5. Encourage: Your friend's body is her body, her face is her face, you should not shame her or pass negative or offensive comments, rather encourage her, advise her on the importance of living a healthy life, staying fit, looking beautiful and only have positive discussions leading up to your wedding. Be a good friend, share goals leading to your wedding and try to fulfill them together, shedding weight, doing facials, shopping for the right accessories. Even when your goals are not met, still have fun. 

The joy of a wedding is celebrating with close friends and families, hiring strangers or alienating friends just makes the wedding a sham!