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Typearls lifestyle

About Typearls lifestyle: Target audience, reach and viewership 

Typearls lifestyle is the leading Nigerian lifestyle blog created by me, Christina Adegbaju. The blog features articles on lifestyle choices, wedding inspirations, fashion, beauty, DIYs , How tos, crafts, Nigerian society, women issues, health talk, relationships, business tips, and Interviews. Its audience include upwardly mobile men and women between ages 25 and 55 years old. Its main audience are those interested in celebrities, entrepreneurship, fashion and style . The readers are drawn from various parts of the globe especially Nigeria, Usa, Uk and Asian countries.

Typearls lifestyle attracts approximately 10,000 users monthly, and each post can range from 1000 to over 20,000 hits.


I would love to work with other bloggers, site owners, web page managers, social media influencers to cross post contents, exchange links, guest blog , features, brand promotion, write reviews, create engaging contents that has value and timeless quality.

Reviews/Product Features

To ensure your post, product or service gets published on typearls lifestyle

1. The products must meet a set standard and quality to give the audience good value for their time and data.

2. Most products /services will be  accepted but products made with local content and services directed at local citizens have a upper edge as I try to promote goods made in Nigeria and the African continent.

3. Gifts, giveaways , freebies, trainings are accepted but this too has limit as they don’t really pay the cost of running my social media handles. After the first three giveaways or free posts, you will be required to pay for subsequent posts in the spirit of encouraging one another to grow.

4. Young people, women, new start ups are encouraged to get in touch as I will be promoting new start ups and struggling businesses ,any way I can.

Services offered:

Reviews; I can review places such as galleries, hubs, retail outlets, restaurants, new products, services, blogs, events offering a unique experience. Or if you will like me to make mention of you or your brand and possibly do an interview, just get in touch.

Trainings: Invite me to your seminars, conferences or organized skill acquisitions programs to teach others on profitable and life enhancing skills such as event planning, bag and shoe making, beauty courses, hand crafts, wig making and business startups. Currently, I have trained over 200 men and women; also I have collaborated with youth groups, churches, schools and local governments to train youths and women on acquiring skills.

Creating ebooks: I love writing, if you have a book pr pdf document you will love me to help out with, just send me a message at a fee of course, except you are a graphic artist, I really need your skills on some of the projects am working on, we can work something out.

Writing commissions, invitations to speak, attending events, Travel, public announcements, product launch, wedding briefs, shows and events PR,talk shows,  moderator,TV appearances, Video collabos, am all for it, but let’s discuss first.

Some of my features/articles for other sites is in my About page.

Advert Prices:

I accept advertisements in form of sponsored posts, ad banners, from brands, individuals and companies who share similar interests with the blog (lifestyle, beauty,fashion, business tips and promoting local content). This enables you to reach a wider audience, moreso your ad enjoys longer running time on my blog, minimum of 30 days, it helps keep the blog alive , it has been proven that ads on blogs has much impact than on other medium as potential clients tend to  trust a person of influence more.

Twitter/pinterest/linkedin : 3k

Instagram /Facebook/: 5k

Blog post: N5k- N100k


For any post I have receive payment for, I will do my utmost to either post as sent to me, edit it to fit my kind of content for utmost reading pleausre but I will always state that it is sponsored or mention it in the post that it has been paid for.

You can reach me at typearls@gmail.com or via my social media handles


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