Looks unreal but true: Amazing Nigerian pictures that make you believe Nothing is impossible

1. Snow in Nigeria:Though Nigeria has a hot climate, with temperatures up to 40°C,but  sights of  ice blocks(hail stones) and snoware occasionally seen in   Jos, Northern Nigeria. iceblock in NigeriaSnow in Nigeria

2. The Inspector general of police in Suit: This is really a rare occasion, to behold the number one police force man,Solomon Arase in a clothing different from the police uniform, only this picture could convince the unbelieving eyes. He is pictured below with the Maktoub's publisher, Maria Mohammed. 

3. A biting kiss: An elated bride taking it too, am sure when the minister announced "You may kiss the bride", she must have thought he said, "You may bite the groom". 
kiss of life
kiss of life

 4. Only in Nigeria: Bananas multiply tremendously in local backyards and not on Banana Island