Love story : My wedding Night (Episodes 11-15)

  My wedding night continued........
  My wedding night
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 Episode 11              
Esther tried opening her mouth to say something, but the lawyer quickly held her hand, stopping her. “don’t say anything. The officer is bluffing. He’s trying to make you say something that could incriminate you” he said to her before facing detective Jeremiah. “if you really have the evidence to arrest my client, then go ahead, arrest her. But if you don’t, then shut the fuck up and do your goddamn work. Mind you, time is running out and you have only two days. The next time you will see me will be in court” he threatened, shocking the detective with his words.
Of course not only the detective was shocked, I equally was very shocked because Esther was probably seconds away from confessing or making an unguided comment before the lawyer recovered himself and stopped her. “two days officer. You have just two days, else i will tear you apart in court” the lawyer threatened and dragged Esther out of the office.
“we were just close to making a breakthrough damn” the detective hissed with despair after they left. “so what next?” i asked with fear. He breathed deeply, opened the case file on his table, went through it and shook his head. “things are slowly adding up in your favour but we don’t have time on our side. We surely need a miracle” he replied, mooked up at me and smiled to make me feel relaxed but i surely wasn’t.
“remember we talked about the possibility of your husband going out to the garden the night he was killed to either smoke or see someone?” he said while i nodded. “according to the report in this file, there wasn’t any cigarette stick, ashes nor even anything similar found at the garden which then leaves us with one theory. He went out there to see someone, probably Esther, before a stronger person grabbed him from behind and stabbed him” he concluded. “how then do we find the mystery man that struck the fatal blow which killed my husband?” i asked desperately. The detective shrugged. “that’s what i’m saying, we need more time, as it stands, Esther alone probably holds all the answers but we can’t touch her” he replied with resignation. Tears instantly dropped from my eyes. The police had every reason to detain Esther but couldn’t because she was a foreigner. Instead i was the person being detained without due process. How bad can things get??   
                                Episode 12
“I know you are helping me officer but
you got to do more, you have to try
every necessary means to free me.
Please i beg of you” i cried, kneeling
before Detective Jeremiah who quickly
looked away with embarrassment
“please madam stand up, don’t kneel
for me, i’m not God” he begged but i
still knelt, shedding more tears. A
junior officer came into the detective’s
office that moment bearing a file.
“here are the rest of the results sir” he
said to the detective who quickly
snatched the file from him while i
looked on hopefully.
“you can leave now” he dismissed the
officer before going through the file.
“nothing new jeez, this case is really
something else” he said to himself as
he went through the file while i
swallowed hard, confused on what
next to do.
“does it mean i’m going to hang for a
crime i didn’t commit?. Can’t you run
more tests” i asked curiously.
“my dear our police department is one
of the best in Africa. I have conducted
all the necessary tests including
fingerprint and DNA matching. The
people that killed your husband had it
well planned out and left no trace of
anything. The only clear prints found
on your husband’s body belongs to
you, the rest are blurred. The murder
weapon had only your mother in law’s
prints on it. So you see there is
nothing we can use from the test
results, we have nothing. The person
that killed your husband probably wore
gloves, only if we can get those
gloves” he concluded, while i cried out
with the last strength in me.
“hey shut up, you are in the police
station, don’t you know?” the detective
frowned and stood up.
“please shoot me, shoot me, shoot me”
i begged with tears, forcing him to
look away once again.
“seriously madam, this is slowly
slipping from me. I have only two
options left, which are pretty hard” he
said and swallowed hard while i stared
at him hopefully, wiping my tears.
“Number one. I play the good cop bad
cop tactics on Esther, by secretly
getting another audience with her. This
time with another officer. We will then
present some selling lies and my
colleague will ask for money to keep
us quiet. Most whites think we are all
corrupt. So i feel she will buy my offer,
and through that opportunity, i can get
her to talk. The only bad side of it, is
that if it goes bad, i can be fired from
the force. The second option is
presenting my facts to your mother
inlaw, get her to reveal more details
about her white guests to me. I’ll then
do what we call profiling, which will
enable me get the man who killed your
husband. Esther is no fool, she had no
time to hire a local hitman. She
probably brought the killer along as her
brother, cousin or friend. The only bad
side of this plan is that it may take
more than two days to accomplish
which then leaves us with one option
which you must do yourself to avoid
trial. If i fail to meet up with the
deadline” he concluded seriously.
“so what’s the option?” i asked.
“oh it’s very dangerous. A very
dangerous option” he murmured.

 Episode 13
“I can do anything to free myself.
Please justg speak up” I pleaded. The
detective shook his head, bit his lips
and stared at me.
“hmmmm, if i’m unable to make any
breakthrough within two days, you will
have to harm yourself in a way that it
will be impossible to put you up for
trial. That’s the only way out” he said
“wait a minute, I don’t understand. You
mean i should harm myself?, in what
way officer?” i asked with disbelief. He
drew closer to me and squatted by my
“that’s the only way to escape trial for
some days. I can smuggle in some
pills that will knock you out. So instead
of finding yourself in the courtroom,
you will find yourself in the hospital.
However it can be added to your
charges but i believe your lawyer won’t
have a hard time winning over the
charge. But you also have to swear to
keep your mouth shut if it comes to
that. You know i can equally end up in
prison over it” he said seriously, while i
I couldn’t even find the voice to talk.
The plan was just so terrible to hear.
Of course it was nothing but a sucidal
plan. I knew the health implications of
such deed, but it was a better option
than prison. Seriously the detective
was going out of line just to save a
clueless lady like me. It wasn’t as if
we paid him to help me. He simply
was doing it for free.
As if he knew what was going through
my mind. He reached out and held my
“when i joined the force newly. A young
male student was picked up by our
patrol team some miles away from a
Robbery scene. We all knew the boy
was innocent but still held him just to
prove a point that we were working.
Unknown to us, the boy was asthmatic
and as soon as he was thrown into the
cell, his health condition go very bad
and before we could run around. He
died. Since that moment, i decided to
help the innocent. But you see, in
police work it’s not always easy to be
on the right path because we all obey
orders and answer to our superiors
whether we like it or not” He said
“you are a bright young woman but i’m
afraid, if i fail to get good results. You
will have to take your destiny in your
hands. You will have to harm yourself.
That’s the only thing that can buy us
more time. Yes you will try committing
suicide but I’ll be right on time to save
your life. Anyway let’s pray it doesn’t
come to that” he concluded and stood
up while my head swelled with
“God please don’t allow things to get
that bad. Don’t allow me to try out
suicide as an option” i prayed softly.
It was such a difficult moment and
decision to take. However i still had
two days which was enough time for a
miracle to happen.
  Episode 14                                                        
Later in the evening my brother came
visiting with a flask filled with food, but
food really wasn’t what i needed that
“i’m sorry for coming late, i really was
held up with work. Dad is now safely
home. I spoke with him few minutes
ago” he said pleasantly while i ate
“so what’s up, any breaking news?” he
asked when i was done eating. I forced
out a smile, thanked him for the food
before telling him all that happened
earlier in the day. He listened eagerly,
frowning when i got to the suicide part
of the plan.
“no no no i don’t support that. What’s
the detective thinking by suggesting
such nonsense. No that’s bad” he said
seriously, but before i could answer,
detective Jeremiah showed up that
moment with a heavy frown on his
“i’m afraid i brought more bad news”
he said as he stopped before us.
“the Americans are now pushing for
the case to be moved to their country”
he calmly announced. My brother and I
gasped with shock.
“i got a call few minutes ago to
prepare and document every thing i
have on the case. We don’t even have
the two days anymore” he explained
“but that’s impossible!. The murder
was committed in Nigerian soil. The
trial should be here” my brother
protested seriously.
“I think you should take that up with
the federal government if you have the
right connections. I really had the
feeling such a thing could happen but
kept it to myself. Our leaders hardly
deny the American government
anything and this case is nothing
different. Seriously many things has
been happening which are swept under
the carpet without the public knowing”
he summarized with resignation.
“but i can go to court. I can stop them
legally?” my brother asked seriously.
The detective breathed deeply and
“well if you can get the court to sit
before your sister is moved out of the
country. Then yes you can. But she’s
married to an American citizen which
somehow makes her an American as
well, moreover i learnt her dead
husband already procured all
necessary travelling papers for her
before his death, which makes
everything a lot easier for the
Americans” he answered.
“d--n” my brother cursed.
“but we still have till morning to come
up with something new” he added
while i cleared my throat and spoke
out for the first time.
“i think i have a plan” i suddenly
announced, surprising my brother and
the detective with the cold smile which
appeared on my face with the
Of course i had a new plan in my
mind. A plan which was nothing close
to the suicide attempt the detective
proposed earlier in the day.
So what kind of new plan came to my
mind that crucial moment? C? Hmmmm
Episode 15
“So tell us what you have in
mind?” the detective asked
“well before i say anything,
I’ll like to know if the so
called Esther that got me
into this mess is still staying
at my husband’s house?” i
asked while the detective
“yes she is at the house.
She chose staying their
with your mother in law
and four other people while
the rest moved to a hotel
but my department is still in
possession of all their
passports. So what has that
got to do with your plan?”
he answered and asked
“a lot officer. It has a lot to
do with my plans” i
answered calmly.
“yes go on” my brother
urged desperately.
“i can sneak into the
compound, sneak up on
Esther and make her
confess. I know the house
very well and i very much
know the weak spots i can
use in gaining access to any
room i so desire” i poured
out breathlessly. My brother
scoffed while the detective
“you must be kidding, how
on earth can you get her to
confess?” my brother asked
with disbelief
“have you forgotten that
i’m a woman. I know how
to get a fellow woman to
talk. Moreover Esther won’t
find it hard opening up her
mouth, since to her, i’m
good as dead and it equally
would be her word against
mine. But if i can record
everything with my phone
without her knowledge
won’t the case be solved?.
Please just allow me to have
access to the house, i’m
very sure i can do it” i
pleaded desperately. The
detective scratched his
head and breathed deeply.
“have you forgotten that
you are supposed to be in
police cell?. How do i explain
your disappearance?. No no
no, even though your plan
sounds tempting, i can’t
allow it. I can’t put my ass
on the line in such way” he
said slowly, while i grabbed
him strongly.
“this is the only chance i
got, please help me. If
things go bad you can say i
escaped from jail. You can
fabricate anything and put
on me. Please i beg of you”
i begged passionately. He
breathed deeply and
“fine i’m in but if things go
bad, you are on your own”
he accepted, drawing great
smile from me with his
words. I hugged him with
“just pray it doesn’t go bad.
This is the only shot you
got to redeem yourself.
Don’t waste it” he advised
while i nodded.
It all appeared too easy to
say but deep down i knew
it was a very difficult task
with high risk of failing.
However I was very
determined to carry it out.
After all I had nothing to
lose trying.