Planning a bridal shower? Here are ten foremost essentials to get you started

No Nigerian wedding will be complete without the prerequisite Nigerian style  Bridal shower to accompany it, an event to unofficially marks the last day of single hood for the bride, it is party hosted by friends for the bride to be. There are ten wonderful ideas to have the perfect bridal shower.

1. Have an organiser and select a theme: From the start, let the organizer of the bridal shower understand her responsibilities, likely candidates are the chief bridesmaid, brides'friends, colleagues, family members and in rare cases the bride. To lessen stress especially when time is in short supply, best bet is to hire a professional bridal shower planner, she knows what to do and achieves much in less time, but her services will come at a fee.
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Whoever is chosen or has decided to be in charge of the bridal shower should be ready to follow through and be good or learn planning skills. A bridal shower can be for ladies only or held in conjunction with a grooms party.But a theme should also be selected, Hawaiian, Masked party, beach are favorite themes.

2. Determine the most convenient location and set the date: There is no point having a bridal shower no one turns up for, choose a reasonable date and day, best time is weekends during public holidays so you can get most of the invitees. Bridal shower should come days before the wedding, minimum is two weeks before the official wedding . Maximum can be three or five months before wedding.
Not everyone lives in the same town or stay close to the area you consider perfect,so have a reasonable location so at least half or more than half of the invited guest can show up.Consider transport costs, accommodation and other logistics especially for out of town guests coming for the party.

3. Get a venue and setup: A restaurant, friend's garden, poolside, club room are potential venues . The venue managers can help with the set up or you can bring your own props and decorations to make the venue nicely done, have a festive mood,, ensure you can check out the lighting, that it has adequate parking space and enough room size to contain the expected guests. Also consider security, proximity to town or if the venue has lodging and changing rooms.

4. Plan a guest list: Singles and married friends, no one should be left out, but only invite those who are close friends of the bride including  colleagues, co workers and relatives. Not those who will cause confusion, or are out to cause distress.
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5.Decide on mode of invitation: Cards, mails, phone calls. Whatever mode you decide on, allow for feedback, get the invited guests' responses to know if they are coming or not. This will help in the planning process, though always plan for 20% increase on the positive feedback. Say if ten people responded in the affirmative, plan for two extras.

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6. Have selection of food choices: It is better the food is more than enough rather than for your guests to go hungry. Same goes for drinks too.Either  hire a food vendor,prepare the food,
or buy food supplies from stores.

7 Choose games and entertainment: Though dildo, sex toys, strippers are becoming the choice of fun at bridal showers, keep the games in moderation, don't let it result in a rowdy, uncontrollable situation or brawl. Find out the bride's interests before hand and respect her wishes.
 games and entertainment at bridal shower
 games and entertainment at bridal shower

8 Agree on the finances: Ideally, the bride's friends should plan her bridal shower, but the bride can also plan one for herself especially if she knows her friends may disappoint her, but deal on who will be responsible for the e expenses. You or your friends? Who brings what?
Agreeing beforehand and making necessary preparations helps to Save  stress,prevents confusion and bitterness later.

9 Dont forget the gifts and cake: Whats a bridal shower without lots of desserts, sweets, chocolates and yummy cake. Make friends bring amazing presents to show the bride they care and will miss her in the spinsters club.

10. Have fun: Bridal shower is a bonding event, a time to reflect and enjoy friends' company, a moderator should be appointed that will ensure guests don't drink in excess, quarrel or raise issues that are unfit for such events. Like talking about how many men the bride has slept with or how she previously committed a crime that is best forgotten or buried in the past. The event can also be made more fun by doing diy projects together like the decorations, venue set up, cooking and the question and answer sessions. The bride and her friends should not forget to strike wonderful poses, they can hire a professional photographer to put them through or just go with he flow and take funny selfies with their phones. 

So ladies, Enjoy yaselves!

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