Top 10 referring sites for web traffic and how to use them

Traffic and more traffic is the life of every blog, it is the food that feed the site, the blood that keeps it alive, without sufficient traffic, a blog dies or fades away. So how does one get traffic , keep it and make it increase, to do that, you need to know where most of the web traffic comes from and the sites given below are the best places to start.
Top referring sites and how to use them.

1. Google/ Search engine: Google is the most prominent search engine, to be top ranked on Google search results is like to be be made Ceo of a major company, it endorses your authority on a subject matter. Most site's traffic comes from search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing, usually first time readers stumble on a new site through an organic search and if your site comes up in the first page, then more readers for you. Strive to write contents on the particular interest you would like your site to appear for in search results, add meta tags, rich  keywords that describes your content. Always share your posts on Googleplus. Google+ is the best referral of sites.

2. Facebook: Facebook has the highest community online so using it to your advantage and sourcing for traffic is a wise idea. Share your posts on a Facebook page, talk about them in Facebook groups, avoid spamming all the groups, only share in groups that have similar interests with you. The members of the group are the same community members that can help share and give more buzz to your site's content.

3. Youtube: As data is becoming more readily available and costs of streaming videos online decreasing, there is a corresponding increase in video viewers, there is a higher percentage of online users who prefer watching videos to reading posts. Create videos, direct traffic from your you tube channel to your site, You can embed the videos in your posts, therefore readers get to enjoy the benefits of reading posts and watching videos  simultaneously.

4. Pinterest: Next to videos, people love images ,better than text. The cliche " an Image is better than ten thousand words " is true especially online. Having a pinterest profile, getting your pins saved can help promote your blog and drives tons of traffic to your website. Like me, many other online users carry out their searches via images and likely to click on the  image at the top of the searches or the one that is the most attractive. Share images on your blog with pinterest and watch your traffic go up.

5. Linkedin: This is the number one site for professionals, there is a content creation platform on linked in that works exactly like blogger, you can get your post viewed thousands of times by people who are looking specifically for your type of content. Say your articles are about wedding planning, then you will get wedding planners, hall mangers, decorators, party coordinators, wedding vendors all trying to view your post, they will also tend to seek to know more about you, where you write your articles , invariably coming back to your blog.

Other top referring sites are :

6. Content recommendation tools (Engayeya or Linkwithin) : This is a tool used by most blogs to recommend other posts from your sites and across the web to your readers, it increases session the readers spend on your site, improves bounce rate and  user's engagement on the site.

7 . Iftt: This is the best tool invented yet,you can cross publish your contents on different platform, just create recipes on what you want, and Iftt will take care of the rest. For example, "If I publish on blogger, then post on linked in", it is easy, simple and effective to use. Create your first channel and activate the recipes, by having your posts on many platforms gives it more online presence where many viewers can see it and be redirected back to your blog.

8. Instagram: The same reason why viewers are drawn to pinterest images holds for Instagram images too. Put your site's url in the bio page of your Instagram, whenever anyone stumbles across your Ig page, falls in love with your pictures,they can click your url to view your site. Who knows he or she may get hooked.

9. Twitter:Twitter is the next big thing after Facebook and Instagram. Your best best is to use a tool like Iftt to schedule and  share your posts to your social media handles . 

10. Traffic from other blogs/sites: Quality Back links from other sites,Guest blogging, post in forums, comments on other bloggers's sites with similar interests or in the same niche will increase traffic  to your site.

Useful Tips :

  • The higher the rank of the referring site, the better the back links you get and this also improves your page rank and search optimization. 
  • Continue to create content suited to what your readers are looking for, be the first to write such engaging content in your niche. 
The information given above is peculiar to my site,, and the list is drawn according to the number of traffic I get from those sites. Yours may be different, For example Pinterest may be your top referring site, use it well and concentrate more on Image posts.