Top 5 world's deadliest creatures, 20 Animals that causes most human deaths and whythey attack

In this race of life, every animal must always thrive to survive, an animal is bound to attack another animal for different reasons, human beings are no different, after all we are just  higher animals. From the wild jungles of Africa,deep waters of ocean, cold of Alaska, warm climate of Philippines to your very backyard garden, on the street, in a circus even in the parks, zoos and controlled animal environments, animals have been known to kill humans intentionally or unintentionally .Animals in herds, packs or droves are the most dangerous, generally try to avoid animals in large numbers,emotions run high  the high adrenaline pooled together makes for unpredictable actions.  Here are facts and figures giving statistics of the animals responsible for  causing human deaths  and the deadliest creatures on earth.

Death caused by Bites 
These animals listed below have deadly fangs/ teeth that will  make mince meat of the human flesh within minutes. Low survival rate except the attacked victim is quickly rescued and given quick medical attention. 
1. Sharks - 5 human deaths every year.
2. African Lions - 500 human deaths every year. (Especially unsuspecting or over curious  tourists )
3. Tigers- 800 human deaths every year. (mainly occurs in India, Bangladesh)
4. Crocodiles - 2000 human deaths every year.

How to survive a croc attack
  • Never try to feed crocs, use long sticks, crocs can move fast and within minutes saw off an arm.
  • React fast
  • Fight back
  • Roll with the croc
Death caused by Venoms 
5. Cobras- 10000 human deaths every year.
6. Scorpions- 3000 human deaths every year.
 (Mainly in middle east and Africa)
7. Box Jellyfishes - 40 human deaths every year. (mainly occurs in Atlantic ocean)
8. Rattlesnakes - 6 human deaths every year.
(Before attack, they warn with rattle, so when you hear a similar sound to rattle, move away fast)

How to survive a cobra attack
  • Avoid dense undergrowth where they tend to hide
  • Back away fast out of its spitting range. Cobras have precision, they rarely miss their target, shade your eyes. 
  • Stay still and calm. a pounding heart spreads the venom faster, ask a partner to go seek for help or carry you away from danger. 

Death caused by Animals protecting their territory
9. Ostriches - 2 human deaths every year. (especially the males, they attack with their strong claws and beaks)
10. Hippopotamus - 300 human deaths every year.
 (Most attacks occur on land when Hippos come to graze, they are vegetarians. Their bites can saw humans, boats in half, it is more preferable to be attacked by a crocodile than a hippo. Better chance of survival, you may be lucky to lose one leg, an arm than a whole body)
11. Dogs - 200 human deaths every year.

How to avoid a hippo attack
  • Steer clear of Hippo trails , dont be caught between a charging hippo and its safety , water. 
  • Take heed to "Beware of Hippos" trespassing signs.
  • Dont swim or boat in rivers where Hippos live

Death caused by Self defense 
These animals will charge at humans and cause fatal damage when they are mad,nervous, sense an attack on either them or their young ones, driven to point of no return or their route of escape is blocked. 

12. Elephants - 600 human deaths every year.
13. Charging Bisons/Bulls/buffalos - 3 human deaths every year.
14. Brown Bears - 2 human deaths every year.

How to survive an Elephant attack
  • Do not approach an elephant, Its safer to keep a distance except you are the trainer, magician or trickster
  • Don't run
  • Don't Play dead. Elephants will trample on thier victims with their large hoovesto be sure it is has no chance of living. For an animalthat easily lifts cars, can carry up to 20 animals, you don't want to be caught under its feet. 
  • Never come between an elephant mother and her baby or an elephant on a mission. 

Death caused by Accident
These are deaths caused by unwilling killers, they are not out to kill anyone but their bites, action or venom usually does.

15. Deer - 200 human deaths every year.
(Deaths occurs when a fast running deer  runs into another human runner or is caught in car's headlights temporarily blinding them, the car's driver swerves can cause him to have a fatal accident if he runs into a tree or off the road).

16.  Bees - 50 human deaths every year.
(Bee stings, though painful,only cause deaths to those who have allergic reactions to them, racing pulse, thickening blood vessels, swollen throat, clammy tongue, hives, fevers, sweats, high temperatures are symptoms of allergic reactions to bees, if not treated on time will lead to death).

17.  Mosquito and Tse-Tse fly - 2.7 million  human deaths every year. (mainly occurs in sub Saharan Africa and heavily forested areas)
(Causes of Malaria, Yellow fever , Sleeping sickness and the Zika virus. Most deaths are caused by lack of medical medical treatment  or no access to medical facilities , the insect bites releases toxins that damage the blood supply, affect the central nervous system , leading to brain death.
The female mosquito, Anopheles is the prime killer, it usually feeds on human blood to get nutrients when she is breeding|)
How to survive a Mosquito bite attack 
  • Know if you are a potential target (Prime targets are big people, pregnant women and carriers of Type O blood, dwellers in African continent)
  • Wear long clothing 
  • Use bug repellent and mosquito nets 
  • Avoid coming out between dusk and dawn when the Female mosquitoes breed most and come out in large numbers.
  • Keep your environment clean, gutters disinfected
  • Keep anti malarial drugs handy 
  • Once bitten, get fast and adequate medical care.

Death caused by Future threats
These animals kill humans not necessarily because they love human meat but they have been driven to it by human actions. The recent global warming has changed their natural habitat making them go into extinction, they are fast losing what is remaining , their usual prey are no longer available so they have develop a taste for the human flesh. Snows are gradually melting, the animals are forced to move close to where human dwells as they believe wherever there is a human , there is bound to be food, and if any person happens on them while on a food hunt, BAD LUCK TO HIM.

  18. Polar bears - 1 human deaths every year. 
19. Black bears - 2 human deaths every year. 
A black bear usually attacks human to eat them.  (Mainly found in America)
20. Mountain lions (Cougars , panthers, pumas) - 50 human deaths every year. 

How to avoid a bear/cougar attack
  • Dispose of trash properly, burn, bury, incinerate or take them far away from human human dwellings.
  • Don't be a sitting duck,  stay in appointed places where other humans are gathered, not in isolated cars or lonely areas.
  • When passing through a cougar/bear territory, watch out and follow warning signs, if possible wear sturdy clothing especially round the neck area. 
  • Back away if you happen suddenly on cub/cubs, Don't arouse the animal's instinct to chase, Dont corner or play with a dangerous animal whose weight is 10 times yours. 
From the details provided above, the top five deadliest animals, who kill humans most are:

1. Mosquito:


2. Cobra:
3. Scorpion:
4. Crocodile:

5. Tiger:

Additional Information from Nat geo wild

- Christina