10 cure- effective ways to get rid of Black eyes fast

A black eye can be caused by injury, say a blow to the face, surgery, allergic reactions, infection, wound. If you have a black eye, follow these simple steps to make sure it heals  fast:

10 cure effective ways to get rid of Black eyes fast

1. Do not apply unnecessary pressure on it.
2. Use a icepack or warm compress: Tie ice cubes in a handkerchief and apply on black eye to bring down swelling. Switch to a warm compress a day after, insert cloth in warm water, squeeze out excess water and gently apply on affected area till all redness vanishes.

3. During the healing period, wear sun shades or glasses or any other form of eye protective wear to shield it from further injury.
4. Apply makeup on the affected spot only after the swelling has gone down, even then ,use corrective concealer that has no irritant in it.
5. Use pain relievers if there is an accompanying headache or pain.
6. Do not force eyes open .
7. Eat lots of fruits such as pawpaw, pineapple to aid the healing process.
8. Take lots of vitamin C.
9. Use natural home remedies such as Oatmeal , witch hazel or aloe vera juice, apply on the black eye area to restore healthy skin and prevent scar formation.
10. Visit a doctor for further treatments, diagnosis  if injury is serious or no visible change after 3 days.