10 Makeup products to tighten up your makeup game

Makeup lover and Fashionista, Aderemi Mathilda Adenaike shares her secrets of achieving a flwaless, smooth makeup application on her face every time she steps out, no matter the time of the day, either at the beginning or after hours of tiring work. The key to having a bright look that makes you look picture perfect at all hours is using the right cosmetics and refreshing after few hours, a dab of lip gloss here and a swipe of powder brush there keeps your face lovely.
Aderemi Mathilda Adenaike
Aderemi Mathilda Adenaike
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10 Makeup products to tighen up your makeup game

Nigerian makeup products we love

So in her words, Remi tells us the makeup products she loves using and why;

  1. I am in love with Bobbi brown cosmetics a lot.
  2. I love my Mac lip sticks a lot and my favorite of the lip pencil is vina, I love ruby woo too but mostly I combine colors to make my lip colors. I can't leave my house without getting my lips done.
  3. Also my eyeliner ,though the eye brow does not fleek everytime but surely my eyes does. What I love doing most is my smokey eyes which is a combination of so many eyeshadows, there are times I use my bronzer to get this look. Also I don't forget my kajal,it's something I had grown to love.
  4. I use concealer because of my spot and to blend it in,to make my makeup stay and not too greasy I use primer to top it too,
  5. I also recommend using a good powder or foundation, I don't use both not to look like a baked bread, so I either use foundation or studio fix Mac powder. One at a time.

That's how I go about my make up game.

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