10 Popular business directories! 10 benefits of listing your Nigerian business online

Do you want your business to be found easily on search engines? Do you know millions of potential customers search online for local businesses that can provide for their needs? Existing and new businesses are taking advantage of this untapped opportunity.
10 Popular Nigerian business directories

Advantages of listing your business online
1. Connect with local customers and suppliers. Direct contact can be made with the local audience.
2. The higher the reviews and clicks on your business listing, the higher the rank of your business on search engines.
4. Customers can easily review your business and drop feedback.
5. Increase in potential customers. There is an increase in Nigerians who are searching for individuals and organisations to do business with online. Without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices, more is achieved by conducting business using the power of internet, less stress and minimal effort.
6. Greater coverage is achieved and expands your market  reach. Doing business online is not limited to a physical location, if you have specialized services, your customers will come and find you, distance notwithstanding.
7. Free publicity: It is a cheap advertising method of getting your business on web  to be seen by millions of online users and helps saves money.
8. It improves your business brand and enhances your professional image.
9. It helps you realign your business to focus on local consumer's needs and market trends.
10.  It gives you insights as to where other local competitors are listed or the siites they are being featured.

Here are my top ten sites to get your Nigerian business listed:

1.  Google: This is certainly Number 1 business directory. Have a Google+ profile and a Google's my business listing, location is automatically added to Google map and clients are easily directed to place of business.
2. Foursquare: Great for connecting with other people of similar interests but  you will be charge $20 (US  dollars ) for verification of business ownership.
3. Facebook: Create a business page on Facebook . Facebook is the largest community of your potential buyers.
4. Businesslistng: Ideal  site to upload photos and pictures of your products and services offered to the public.
5.  Finelib: You can add your business in cities that you operate from.
6. Lagos list: For  businesses domiciled within Lagos or has Lagos as its base of operation.

Others include:
7. Nigeriabusinessdirectory
8.  Yalwa
9.  Vconnect
10. Listme

To add a listing: Have the following requirements ready

1. Your business name: It must be Short and easy to remember, if possible it should should include a tagline. Say Typearls events and crafts - Your next awesome event starts with a call to us.
2. Owner's name:  (Optional)
3. Business description: Services offered, good sold, business location
4 . Primary contact: phone number, email, website, address
5. Photos : Customers are likely to click on listings with photos than those without.

Useful Tip: Add your business online now, start with the above listed ten sites, search for more sites and business forums and list your business on them. The more the listings, the higher the probability  of getting your business viewed and you stand a better chance of acquiring a new customer.