10 popular mobile phone companies in Nigeria and new releases

Nigerians are one of the highest mobile phone users in Africa and steadily climbing their way up to becoming the world 's  largest smart phone addicts.
Popular phone brands in Nigeria
Which was your first mobile phone?

 In pre smart phones era, the popular phone brands known to phone consumers  in Nigeria were motorola, Ericsson, nokia , but other brands have overtaken them. Only few of the original mobile brands are left, the current phone brands are focusing on user experience, graphics interface, screen durability, camera's resolution, touch screen, robust operating system, social media apps and affordability. The race is on and only the highly competitive brands can have huge shares of the mobile market, old brands that can not keep on  have been  relegated while new entrants (mainly Asian companies) are acquiring new customers and gaining inroads into the mobile industry.
So which of these phone brands will make 2010 in the Nigerian market?

Currently, these are the top phone brands in Nigeria from my own research and responses from blog's audience, they are chosen based on their annual sales, market reach and expansion.

1. Samsung: Current rave is  Galaxy xcover 3
2. Tecno: Current rave is   Tecno Boom J8
3. Lg: Current rave is  LG V10
4. Huawei Mobile: Current rave is  Nexus 6p
5. Htc: Current rave is  Htc 10
6. Innjoo: Current rave is  Innjoo Haloplus
7. Blackberry: Current rave is  Blackberry Priv
8. Sony: Current rave is  Xperia x5
9. Apple:  Current rave is  Iphone8

And unbelievably
10. Nokia: Current rave Nokia Lumia 1020

Where you buy can the phones?
Online stores: Jumia, Konga,
Physical stores: Slot and other phone business outfits.

This is time for indigenous companies to tap into the business of producing phones adaptable to the Nigerian mobile industry.