10 things to do during the Last ten days of Ramadan Fasting

The last ten days of  fasting in the holy month of Ramadan are said to be powerful , most prayers are answered doing this period and miracles happen.

10 things to do during the Last ten days of Ramadan Fasting

For Muslim faithfuls, here is what to do during the final lap (the last ten days) of the fasting period.

1. Pray at regular intervals, your answers to your prayers are near, pray more to receive them.

2. Set yourself apart (I’tikaf), go somewhere beautiful and serene to meditate more.If it means taking a break or going for a Hajj pilgrimage. Do it.
Last ten days of Ramadan Fasting-typearls
3. Forgive your enemies and offenders easily, let  go of old hurts.
4. Write out a list (Dua)of your prayer requests, wishes and dreams, reading and confeeesing them will increase your faith.
5. Ask your sins to be forgiven, all past offences must be completely wiped out.
6. Now is the time to be more pious, understand Allah and his religion.
7. Recite the  Quran frequently, select your favorite verses and mediate on them.   Read more books on the  Islamic faith and past biographies of foremost religious leaders. Learn from them.
8. Avoid unholy foods, eat well and eat healthy at the break of fast. Juice, soups and fruits are best.
Juice, soups and fruits

9.  Evaluate your self, goals, dreams and aspirations. What to do to achieve more and avoid past mistakes repeating themselves. Plan for the next year.
10. Spend more time with your family.