15 Hottest selling Nigerian businesses of 2016

Mondays are for serious business.
Would you like to know where the investors are putting in their money? The profit making and huge selling business concerns in Nigeria right now? Forget Naira prices falling the dollar, tomato scarcity , the ruling party  not living up to expectation or whatever the naysayers are saying to spell doom for that business idea of yours. There are businesses that no matter the government policies or decline in purchasing power of consumers, they are still selling and selling fast simply because the demand for them is overwhelming. Nigerians are still consuming food, erecting structures to live in, their high fashion sense will not make them forsake clothes or not dress to suit the occasion,every weekend there is an increase in social activities and  babies are being born daily.
15 Hottest selling Nigerian businesses of 2016

 These Nigerian businesses are itemized below, variations of associated businesses and jobs are also listed.

  1. Wedding planning:Events planners, wedding vendors, events managers, events strategists and planners, bridal stores.
 2. Fashion business: Fashion designers, tailors, fashion stylists, beauty experts,  crafts enthusiasts, hair stylists, fashion stores, cosmetics sellers, dry cleaning.
 3. Entertainment: Music, Acting, Artistes managers, record labels, clubs, social hangouts venues, events centers, fun factories, show business,
 4. Online business: Vlogging, You tubers, Video recording, Periscope Tv, Facebook social enthusiast, Network Tv,email marketing, affiliates marketers, sms registrants, web and social media managers,
 5. Sports business: Football betting, Gaming, Lottos, Bookers,Sports betting , coaching, athletes, fitness trainers, gym instructors, exercise parlors.
 6. Human capacity building: Nursery, primary or secondary schools, creches,private tertiary institutions,academicians, school administrators, Motivational speakers,clergy, churches,business instructors, bloggers, teachers/lecturers,
 7. Transport business: Travelling agencies, haulage, shipping companies, airlines, flight crew, cab men, taxis, couriers,Intra and Inter state drivers, private drivers, car washing, property movers.
 8. Real estate: House renting, Hotels, caretakers , landowners, Omo oniles, Builders, construction workers , sales of building materials.
9. Live stock farming: Animal rearing (poultry, rabbit, snails,fish), animal feeds, agriculture experts
10. Catering:Food vendors, small chops specialist, drinks vendor, restaurants, fast foods, Bakers,food processing,water production, fruit juice processing, sales of alcoholic/non alcoholic drinks.
 11. Security: Financial security, insurance, body guards, private security, events guards, money trackers, car security, property inventory.
12. Maternity and children business; Toys , babies wears, babies items, children clothes, playthings, maternity wears,  maternity clinics, children parties, children play stores.
13. Mobile phones and Digital technology: Smart phones distributors, pc repairers, sofware programmers, digital technology specialists.
14. Exports business: This is still an under exploited business, only monopolized by few.  Raw materials and finished goods exports.
15. Oil and gas:  Oil haulage, oil tankers , pipeline protection, gas companies, energy providers, oil marketers and more.

Hope you find this list helpful!

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