20 Nigerian wedding colors that will make you laugh

Nigerians have a way of naming different shades of colors, you can never hear them saying Magenta, Crimson which are acceptable names for combined colors. Usually colors are named by the closest resemblance to a popular object/item in the Nigerian culture. So when choosing colors of aso ebi, invitation cards, wedding decoration, accessories, you hear of hilarious names like;
 20 Nigerian wedding colors that will make you laugh
Ideal colors for each month

1. Custard yellow
2. Army Green

3. Navy Blue
4. Coral red, coral blue
5. Nigerian green (Flag green)
6. Fuschia purple
7. Jollof orange
8. Cockroach brown
9. Ribena purple
10. Tomato red
11. Water blue
12. Ash silver
13. Peach pink
14. Off white
15. Champagne gold
16. Christmas green
17. Pepper red
18. Olive green (Is olive green?)
19. Milkish cream
20. Golden morn yellow

Do you know that  some colors like Magenta, do not exist,  the human eyes can only recognise red, blue and yellow, every other color that has more than one combination of the primary color or of a different shade has actually led to the naming of the other numerous colors we have today?,