3 Fast killers of Nigerians- Diabetes, kidney failure and hypertension!

3 Fast killers of Nigerians- Diabetes, kidney failure and hypertension
The human heart is an important organ, any defect and it becomes fatal.
Shuaibu Amodu gone? Heart failure again...just like Keshi... So sad.

The need for regular personal health checks is becoming more apparent in Nigeria.

When was the last time you checked your blood pressure my dear friend? What about your blood glucose level? A urine analysis is probably a test you have never heard of; a N300 to N500 test that gives an early warning of kidney malfunction or even Diabetes and many people have never had one done. Your urine, and your blood are windows into the state of your health which is why they are the commonest body fluids requested for at the medical laboratory.
Diabetes , kidney failure and hypertension are fast becoming quick killers of Nigeria's middle age bracket folks.

Time to reverse the trend.
Medical tests! Why you need it now more than ever.
All these sudden deaths is not a result of the village witches, you need to be more proactive about your health. Given, no one can say when one will die, as there are various causes of deaths: Accidents, mistakes, wars but do not take chances. 

Get a personal health check and schedule it for at least once every six months. Blessings.Do you know more Nigerians are becoming obese without workouts and shedding of extra fat everyday?They are putting themselves at personal health risks. Even if it is a mile of walking everyday will do a whole of good to your health.

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People are living in denial. They forget that sometimes, IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS. They prefer not to know even when the body tells them otherwise. Diabetes is a vicious disease. No respect for anyone. It's the leading cause of so many other ailments. It eats up the system, one after the other. From your vascular system to your limbs, eyes, gastric system not to mention the kidneys.  It causes erectile dysfunction too.
A simple blood monitor costs N20,000, it is easy to use and handy, an early revelation of unuual low or high blood pressures can be life saving. Protect yourself.

Let us remember the Nigerian sports community, football lovers , Stephen  Keshi and Amodu Shuaibu's family in prayers.