5 Successful tips to complete the N-Power application

N-power is a job creation project set up by the current Federal government of Nigeria, it is to help alleviate unemployment, train individuals to be self reliant, raise future employers, teachers, health workers agricultural researchers, artisans and engage entrepreneurs. The project is aimed at gainfully employing over 50000 unemployed Nigerians to build a sustainable economy. The application portal for potential applicants opened few days back but due to unprecedented web traffic and online users, only few applicants have been successful in filling out their details. In fact the N-Power portal crashed within the first day of its opening to public users.

The various challenges faced by the potential applicants include:

- Inaccessibility of site: Site does not load due to server refresh, numerous traffic and site breakdown
- Site returns to homepage every 2 minutes
- No provision to save previous details already filled, every refresh returns to home and applicant needs to start over.
-  Inadequacy of site to accommodate web traffic and difficult navigation to pages.

Recommendation to N-power 's web managers
- Make provisions help each applicant save their details and come back later at an opportune time to continue and finish up application. Every reload wastes mb and consumes time.
- Increase their hosting plan to accommodate traffic users and sessions on site.
- Remove the login requirement or  else make it functional. Login is required on a day and not required on the next, there should be consistency.

How to overcome these challenges and fill  N-power 's corps application form
1. Try accessing the portal early mornings between 3am and 4:30 am.
2. Have the following documents ready (Soft copies) , passport photo , Nysc certificate, degree certificate (Png or jpeg format), C.v , Nysc call up number, residential address, sate of origin.
3. Be decisive on the aspect of the program you want to apply for , Enablers (Teachers, Agric and health workers program) , Builders ( Skill acquisition for Artisans , electricians and technicians) and Knowledge base (Technology improvement project for creative individuals).
4. Be patient, and persevere, once the page you are working on closes, refresh and start again.
5. Ensure you save your details, to make the application easier, save your information details in a notepad or word document, copy and pate into form fields, to reduce  unnecessary typing procedure.
The N-Power's corps project is supported by Federal ministries of finance, agriculture, education, science and technology, health, youths and sports, National directorate of employment in collaboration with the presidency.

Go register online to be part of the N-power's project.