5 Travel lessons from Adventures of Vincent Enyeama and family

Nigeria's foremost goalkeeper and former super eagles captain, Vincent Enyeama ,Vinny as he is fondly called,  is on  vacation with his wife promise and their three kids to mark the couple's tenth wedding anniversary. While the sports personality continues to share the lovely vacation pictures on his Instagram page, here are travel lessons we can learn from this wonderful couple.
Vincent Enyeama  and wife, promise
Beautiful couple, Vincent Enyeama  and wife, Promise

1. Never leave your wife and children at home to go on a vacation: Let them be part of the experience too, everyone deserves  a break. They are the closest to you, they should also share the happiest moments.
2. Married partners must  Continue to celebrate  each other: 2 years, 10 years or 20 years sown the kine, rekindling the love relationship is a key tactic to a longlasting marriage and sustaining the family.
3. Always remember to put God first: Vincent continues to show gratitude to the almighty for making him reach the peak of his career. In his words " I owe everything to him". 
4. Visit all the fun places  while on vacation: It is not enough to sit in an hotel room, lots of money has been spent to book tickets and get hotel lodgings. Shopping alone does not cut it, enjoy your time on the trip, find time to visit at least one historic or relaxation spot . 
5. Take loads of pictures: What is the fun if you cant share it, let others see how happy you are while on a trip especially if it is a vacation, From looking at your pictures, others get to live, imagine and work towards having such experience.  Be of help, broaden someone horizon,. while some Nigerians have not been to Dubai, but from seeing Vinny's pictures, am sure they can describe how an aquarium in Dubai looks. 

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5 Travel lessons from Adventures of Vincent Enyeama

5 Travel lessons from Adventures of Vincent Enyeama 2