5 Types of commenters found on Nigerian blogs

The blog commenters  are the live wire of a Blog, but Nigerian blogs have got them all, the funniest, the critics, the die-hard fans and the beefers. See the typical types of blog commenters found on Nigerian sites.

1. The clowns : They  cause most readers  to laugh with their misspellings (deliberate or unintentional, am yet to understand), drop comments geared to redirect others from the original  post to unrelated issues and find humor in every topic.
 The clowns

2. The  critics: They find nothing good in any post, always complaining how the author could have written better or not waste their precious Mb (Though they chose to visit the site).
The critics: They visit blogs just to check out misspellings, incorrect grammar, weird pictures, inappropriate posts.
the critics

3. The anonymous: Either due to insecurity, identity protection or hiding behind anonymous to commit evil, yab and expose behind the door secrets, these nameless commentators are a must on every blog.
The anonymous

4. The loyal readers: When you see "Lib addict", "Sdk bv 1", "blog lord", "blog queen", with comments like "seen", "just passing by", "next",  know that these are truly the life and breadth of the forums,   just try to come for the blog author and these ones will verbally tear you t shreds. They are reliable, consistent and can be counted on to drop off comments on almost every post, whether they actually read the contents or not.
he loyal readers

5. The marketers: They are the "Juliet cakes", "Davi events", "Chobi shoes", Willman autos", unfortunately one finds them mostly on entertainment and gossip sites where they drop comments often and not on sites that are related to the business they are involved in.

And for the blog authors who aren't getting enough comments as they would love to, Just be determined (In Kanu's voice) comments will come, engagement is what is important, but if you only update once in 3 months, or post on long abandoned blogs even the post is to apologize profusely for not updating them.. Just abandon the blog completely.