5 yummy, tasty cooking methods to fry delicious eggs (Video)

Eggs can be enjoyed in  a variety of ways, as part of breakfast, lunch or dinner. Usually Nigerians eat fried eggs with bread, yam, Indomie, Toast or on its own. Fried eggs involves cooking of broken eggs in a skillet over a low heat. Different approaches can be taken to frying eggs depending on the desired result you  will like to achieve.

Types of eggs from various cooking methods
Types of eggs from various cooking methods
What is required to fry eggs:
Water (For basted eggs)
Cooking Oil (Or butter)
Skillet/ frying pan (Non -stick for omelette and basted eggs, normal pans for scrambled eggs).
Herbs (Optional) |: Paprika, curry, thyme, garlic, ginger, 
Vegetables (Optional) : Tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, pepper, 
Seasoning; Salt, maggi/knorr cubes,
Egg whisks or forks
A source of heat (Gas cooker)
Spatula or long spoon

The popular fried egg recipes include:

1. Sunny side up:
 Sunny side up
1. Sunny side up

Place the egg in a heated, greased skillet and cook until the white is set. The yellow of the egg will hold its round shape in the pan and be runny when eaten. Cook the egg a few seconds longer to create a harder yolk and to create a crispy edge around the egg white.
2. Omelette:
Beat eggs in a bowl, quickly fry with butter or oil in a frying pan, turn into a plate and serve with ham, cheese, tomato slices or pepperoni.

3. Scrambled eggs: (My favorite):
 Scrambled eggs
 Scrambled eggs
Recipe: same as for omelette, but you add herbs , pepper , slices of meat/fish  to the oil, allow to soften before adding the eggs, it requires constant  turning to prevent burnt eggs.

4. Over easy/Over medium eggs:
Over easy/Over medium eggs
Over easy/Over medium eggs
Crack the egg into the skillet and cook until the whites are set, as you would for a sunny-side up egg. Slide a spatula under the egg and, in one motion, flip it over, keeping the yolk intact. Cook for a few seconds for an over-easy egg, to maintain a runny yolk; cook for an additional 15 to 20 seconds for an over-medium egg, to create a soft yolk
Use the same recipe to make basted eggs, but use water instead of oil to fry.

5. Over hard eggs:
Over hard eggs
Over hard eggs
Cook the egg in the skillet until the white is set. Using a fork, break the egg yolk so it runs into the white. Flip the egg using a fork/spoon  and cook until the yolk and white of the egg are solid.

Over means an egg is flipped, during the frying process. The time taken to fry the egg makes it easy, medium or hard.
Spread little oil around the skillet to fry the eggs.

A bag inspired by a sunny side up egg.
Creativity: A bag inspired by a sunny side up egg. 
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