Be Inspired! Not able To conceive after marriage? Hold on to these 5 words of wisdom

There is no time as too long in getting pregnant after marriage, Given the joy of every bride i to conceive after the wedding blues is over, at least it is expected especially in this part of the world .Friends, family members, wedding guests starts counting days after the wedding day dust has settled, one year after, everyone is concerned, three years after, most of them go ballistic offering different advice, prescribing different medical and spiritual treatments. Only a few can hold on to their faith and strength of character  during this stressful expectation period. Berry Dakara, a favourite blogger of mine, recently shared an emotional  vlog where she talked extensively about trying to conceive after marriage, One can feel her pain , struggles, but one amazing thing is that despite this current disappointment, she also preaches the message of hope and to never give up. Are you in the same shoes? Are you tired of people asking you when and how soon, you will  be a mamabomboy?
Trying to get pregnant after marriage

1. You are not alone.There are others who have passed through such pains, names calling and associated shame, they have emerged victorious and become happy mothers. Your will soon past, whether it takes months or years, just hold on.
2. Prayers worketh wonders: Never lose faith, give up your belief or become despondent.Remember Sarah, Hannah and Elizabeth. God answered their prayers, yours is no different, age , location or number of years in marriage is not a determining factor of how fast your child will come but continue to have faith and BELIEVE!
3. Find what makes you happy and do it: Give yourself to a cause, help out at local children's centers, widows shelter  or volunteer at a local Ngo. Bond with other women in your situation, pray together, network, share experiences and discover strength in your circumstances.
4. What you don't allow cant kill you: Never react negatively to situations or people. Their reactions is borne out of ignorance and misinformation. You know better than them, so don't go low to their level.  Do away with suicidal thoughts, depression and negative actions.Continue to learn and research new ways of staying happy despite all odds.
5. Never give up: Keep trying, continue to enjoy sex with your spouse, dont neglect him (you are both in the situation together) ,relax your mind, cast your burdens on God and watch him turn your losses to laughter in double fold.